Calhoun Announces Results of Health Program


Calhoun Community College officials today announced that recent graduates from several of the college’s health programs performed well on their respective licensure exams, in all cases outscoring their counterparts nationally.
According to Bret McGill, dean of the college’s Health Sciences division, results have been posted for the most recent graduates from the college’s Clinical Laboratory (CLT), Surgical Technology, Emergency Medical Technology and Paramedic, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Dental Assisting programs. 

Graduates of the CLT program saw a 100% passage rate on their licensure test, far surpassing the national average.  National passage rate for the CLT program was 78.7%.

According to Program Director Grant Wilson, 17 Surgical Technology students completed that program this summer.  All 17 (100%) passed the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting Certified Surgical Technologist Exam (CST).  “Of the 17 students completing our program this summer, 16 completed both the new long certificate and the Associate of Science degree programs, with the remaining student having completed the long certificate and now enrolled this semester to take the last course needed for the AAS degree,” said Wilson.  “We are so very proud of these students for their outstanding accomplishments and for their success on the licensure exam,” Wilson added.

Graduates from the college’s Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) and Paramedic programs also posted impressive passage rates. Calhoun’s EMT graduates had a passage rate of 85%, with the Advanced EMT (AEMT) graduates posting a 91% rate.  Comparatively speaking, national rates for first-time testers on the EMT program were 79% and 70% for AEMT grads.

Recent graduates of Calhoun’s Paramedic program also outpaced their counterparts nationally.  Calhoun passage rates were 93%, compared to the national rate of 85%.

For the first time in the history of the program, graduates of Calhoun’s Dental Assisting program were required by the college to take the Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) licensure exam. “While the state of Alabama currently does not require dental assistants take the exam for employment, we decided to make this a requirement now for our students for several reasons,” said McGill.  “We know that the certification, combined with the classroom instruction and training that these students receive at Calhoun, makes them better prepared and more marketable when they are seeking employment in the field,” added McGill.  “Additionally, at some point, we feel that Alabama will require dental assistants to have this certification, so we see this as an opportunity to get our students prepared now.” 

Calhoun students taking the CDA exam for the first time posted an overall passage rate of 89%, far outpacing the national average of 70%.

"I know I speak for the entire college when I say how proud we are of our students and their success,” commented McGill.  “When you look at our health program graduates as a whole, our graduates did quite well on their licensure exams.  We hear over and over from area employers in the field how well our students do on the job, and we feel that this success is reflected in their performance on their certification exams,” McGill added.

“In all cases, graduates from our health programs have exceeded the national passage rates on their licensure exams as indicated by these most recent results,” said Calhoun President Marilyn Beck.  “I applaud them and their instructors for their hard work.”

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