Calhoun Announces Results of Health Program Licensure Exams


Calhoun Community College officials today announced that recent graduates from several of the college’s health programs performed well on their respective licensure exams, in most cases outscoring their counterparts at both the state and national levels.
According to Bret McGill, dean of the college’s Health Sciences division, results have been posted for the most recent graduates of the college’s Clinical Laboratory (CLT), Paramedic, Surgical Technology and Nursing programs. 

Both the CLT and Licensed Practical Nursing (PN) programs saw a 100% passage rate on their respective tests, far surpassing the national and state averages.  National passage rate for the CLT program was 78.7%; state rates were not available. Passage rates for the PN program were 91.3% for the state and 84.7%, nationally.  Changes implemented in the spring by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to the registered nursing exam resulted in anticipated decreases in passage rates at both the state and national levels.  Calhoun’s scores for students taking the test for the first time was 77%, compared to the state rate of 82% and national rate of 84%.

Graduates from the college’s Paramedic and Surgical Technology programs both posted impressive passage rates of 94%. Comparatively speaking, state rates for the Paramedic program were 64% for first-time testers and 76% at the national level.  Nationally, passage rate for those seeking the Surgical Technology licensure was 75.5%; no data was available for the state rate.

"I know I speak for the entire college when I say how proud we are of our students and their success,” commented McGill.  “When you look at our health program graduates as a whole, our graduates did quite well on their licensure exams.  We do realize that there is work to do in some areas, and our faculty is already meeting to discuss strategies to help all our students do their very best the first time they take their exam,” McGill added.

“In almost all cases, graduates from our health programs have exceeded state and national passage rates on their licensure exams as indicated by these most recent results,” said Calhoun President Marilyn Beck.  “I applaud them for their hard work.”


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