Don't Miss Important Information on College Closings & Emergencies with CCC Alert!


CCC ALERT is Calhoun’s emergency notification system.  It will be activated during situations posing an imminent (or ongoing) campus or college-wide threat or danger to the safety of the CCC community.  It is a free service that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but you must sign up to receive alerts in your choice of delivery methods.  Types of notifications could include (but are not limited to) weather emergencies, campus closings due to water or electrical outages, or a Virginia Tech-type event.

You can indicate how you want to be contacted on the signup form.  All information you provide is private and WILL NOT be shared or used for any purpose other than emergency communication to you. You may add, delete, or change the order of those contacts at any time through the CCC Alert web page link using your individual login.  All of the emergency contacts you enter on your sign-up form will receive the alerts.  If you do not answer your phone, the system will attempt to leave you a voice message.

Routine information about upcoming dates (registration, payment deadlines, book buy-backs, etc) or campus events (plays, concerts, cook-outs, games, etc) WILL NOT be broadcast via the CCC ALERT Emergency Notification System.  Watch your SPACE account, flat-panel screens around campus, or visit the Calhoun website for that kind of information.

CCC ALERT is the easiest, most efficient and accurate way to learn about any emergency situation affecting Calhoun Community College.

To sign up or find out more, visit the CCC Alert page now.

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