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About Us / History / Location

About Us

CETV is a non-commercial, educational television station operated by Calhoun Community College to serve the educational and cultural needs of the community.

The mission of CETV is to provide relevant and thought stimulating programs designed to enrich the lives of our students and the members of our local community. This is accomplished through the production and acquisition of quality programs for distance education including the arts, technology and other programs of community interest.

The staff of CETV is dedicated to the production and distribution of quality programs designed to enrich the lives of our students and the members of our local community. This is accomplished through the production of local programs and the acquisition of commercially produced programs to support distance education courses offered by Calhoun Community College.

The CETV Television Production Facility also serves as a real-world laboratory where students get hands-on experience with professional broadcast equipment. Students in Mass Communications, Photography, Filmmaking and Television Production classes are involved in every stage of the television production process. Some of our students choose to be 'on-camera' while others help with the technical activities behind the scenes.

History of Operations

  • 2017- Added Multimedia Certification. Began producing statewide multimedia for the Alabama Community College System Postsecondary Headquarters.
  • 2016- CETV and multimedia moved to the Information Technology Department to better support Digital Media and Distance Learning/Online Instruction.
  • 2015- Began producing online training for National Healthcare Ed and Distributed Nationwide.
  • 2014- Expanded responsibilities to enhance Distance Learning Technology and changed our name to Calhoun Educational Television and Multimedia.
  • 2013- Began a Live Stream of Commencement Exercises allowing family and friends of graduates to view around the world. Expanded Cable TV and viewing on Charter and Knology to include portions of Guntersville/Marshall County. 
  • 2012- With increasing demands in Distance Learning, we began producing short videos to support and improve instructor content for online classes.
  • 2011 -- Established CETV Web presence on Facebook and also began airing programs from Peg Media and 
  • 2010 -- Signed agreement to air Research & Education Programming from the University of Washington. Added AVID Media Composer Certified Editing Lab. Established CETV Youtube Channel 
  • Spring 2009 -- Officially changed the name from 4CTV to CETV...Calhoun Educational Television 
  • 2008 -- Signed agreement to air programs from the U.S. Department of Education, The Alabama Department of Public Health, and FEMA. 
  • Winter 2007 -- Began producing "Word Origins and Literature" with Dr. Harry Moore. Also increased production on "The Calhoun Review" with Janet Kincherlow-Martin. Covered President George W. Bush visit to Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. 
  • Summer 2006 -- 4CTV began operating on PCL Cable Company Channel 81 covering thousands of additional households in Athens and Decatur. 
  • Fall 2005 -- Moved TV Station from Fine Arts Building to the New Information & Visualization Center in the Noble Russell Complex. 
  • January 2004 --The Research Channel added to the program lineup. 
  • May  2003 -- Service area expanded to Charter Cable customers in Athens, Alabama. 
  • Fall 2002 -- The ARTS Channel and The Annenberg/CPB Channel added to the program lineup. 
  • August 2001 -- 4CTV began operating on Charter Cable channel 4 in Decatur, Alabama. 

Our Location

The CETV Television Production Facility is located on the Decatur Campus of Calhoun Community College. The studios and offices are located in the Noble Russell Building. Our mailing address:

Television Studios

Calhoun Community College
6250 Highway 31 North
P.O. Box 2216
Decatur, Alabama 35609-2216

Where to Find us on TV

Currently, CETV is available on Charter Cable Channel 181 in Morgan, Limestone, and Marshall Counties and WOW! Cable Channel 98 in Limestone and Morgan Counties. We are planning to expand our coverage areas so please stay tuned.

Calhoun Community College wishes to express our appreciation to Charter Cable of Decatur and WOW! for their continued support of higher education.