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Center for the Study of Southern Political Culture


The Center is a part of the Cummings Research Park Campus Library at Calhoun Community College in Huntsville.


The Center is continually seeking original documents and other materials for the archival collection and monetary donations to operate and acquire other items.  Monetary and document donations may qualify as tax deductible contributions

Document Exchange

Proposals to exchange duplicate documents with organizations, collectors and others will be considered. Duplicate items may also be sold to raise money for the Center Fund. Inquiries should be addressed to the Project Director.

How is the Center Funded and Who Governs its Activities? 

The Senator Tom Butler Archive collection is supported by Calhoun Community College and the Calhoun Foundation. The Center's archives and activities are maintained by the Project Director, library staff and volunteers.  The Representative Sue Schmitz Political Arts Collection exhibits artifacts from the 18th century to the present. An academic board supervises document authenticity and a community board advises other Center activities. 

Who May Use the Center? 

The Center is available to students, scholars, candidates,  journalists and other interested members of the community. Appointments are necessary for access to the archive. Inquiries should be addressed to the Project Director.

The Center is an archive preserving authentic political literature and related items from national, state and local campaigns and political activities, such as the Civil Rights Movement.

The Center's Mission 

In addition to preserving political literature, the non-partisan Center promotes public debate on current issues, provides a reading room with current periodicals and encourages political involvement at all levels of government. 

The Center also promotes the importance of history, political science and social science disciplines.

Types of Documents Archived

Documents are catalogued as follows:

  • Presidential Elections and Primaries 
  • Alabama State and Congressional Documents 
  • Alabama Political Movements: Civil Rights Movement, Women's Movement, Political Religious Movements, Labor Movements, Referendums, et al. 
  • Alabama Local Elections, County and City 
  • Documents from Other Southern States 
  • Selected Documents from Other States and Foreign Countries 
  • Films, posters, and other related artifacts 

Center Activities  

A Civil Rights Journey, a documentary on Huntsville's role in the Civil Rights Movement, was produced by the Center and is available for community viewing. The documentary, based on events filmed by Dr. Sonnie Hereford, III, includes footage of Dr. Martin Luther King's 1962 Huntsville appearance and Gov. George Wallace campaigning for governor. 

Future outreach activities include a speakers bureau, web site, resource for news media, conferences, debates, changing displays, traveling displays and other activities.

Library of Congress MARC Code: A1HvSPC

Correspondence should be addressed to

Center for the Study of Southern Political Culture

Calhoun Community College

Cummings Research
Park Campus
102 Wynn Dr.
Huntsville, AL  35805 

Dr. Waymon E. Burke, Project Director

Phone: (256) 890-4737 . FAX: (256) 890-4775