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Calhoun to Conduct Community Forums as Part of College’s Strategic Planning Initiative

October 31, 2016

Decatur, AL -- Throughout this week, Calhoun Community College will conduct a series of community forums with business and economic development representatives, elected officials, education leaders and other community representatives to receive valuable input as the college moves forward in the development of a three to five-year strategic planning initiative.

“Over the last few months, the college has put into place a number of strategies aimed at improving our retention and graduation rates; completed a comprehensive master plan for our physical plant at all campus sites; enhanced our community outreach and workforce development efforts; and have had all of our distance education courses nationally certified, so we feel that we are headed in the right direction,” commented Calhoun President Dr. James Klauber.

“With all of the accomplishments we have seen in recent months, we felt now was the time to bring all of our efforts and initiatives together in the development of strategic plan that will serve to direct us and help to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our ever-changing service area,” added Klauber.

“We are working directly with Dr. Roger Slater, president of the Slater Group, in development of our plan.  Dr. Slater has an extensive background of service and understanding of the two-year college system, having worked as a technical college president within the Georgia two-year college system for a number of years.  We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to have benefit of Dr. Slater’s experience and expertise as we move forward with this very important work,” said Klauber.

In addition to this week’s forums, on-campus forums have been conducted with Calhoun faculty and staff. Similar sessions are being planned for student input, as well as the launch of a community-wide survey to be made available within the next few weeks through the College’s website.