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Accelerated High School Program

Calhoun Community College offers qualified high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. This program differs from Dual Enrollment in that participating students receive college credit Only; no high school credit is awarded for courses taken under the Accelerated High School program.

Students who attend accredited high schools must meet the criteria listed here:

  1. The student must have successfully completed the 10th grade;
  2. The student must provide certification each semester from the local principal and/or his/her designee that the student has a minimum cumulative “B” average and recommends the student for enrollment. (Click here for the Accelerated High School approval form)
  3. In addition to the approval form, the student must provide a high school transcript – official or unofficial;
  4. The student must provide qualifying ACT or SAT scores;
  5. The student may enroll only in postsecondary courses for which the high school prerequisites have been completed (for example: a student may not take English Composition until all required high school English courses have been completed).

Exceptions may be granted by the Chancellor for a student documented as gifted and talented according to the standards included in the State Plan of Exceptional Children and Youth. Exceptions may only apply to items 1 and 2 noted above.

Students who attend a non-accredited high school must meet additional criteria as listed below:

  1. Comply with items 1, 2, and 3 as noted above.
  2. Provide ACT scores with a composite of at least 16 or total Math and Critical Reading of 790 on the SAT.

Accelerated High School Application Packet contents (6 pages)

  • Signature Page (page 3) - Completed Signature Page must be submitted along with one of the following Acceptable Forms of Identification
  • Accelerated High School Approval Form (page 4) - This form is used if the student is ONLY going to be earning college credit.
    Talk to your high school counselor and Dual Enrollment Representative to determine which option is best for your educational goals.
  • Registration Form (page 5) - Dual Enrollment students are required to submit completed registration forms to finalize enrollment.  Complete the Registration Form by providing course specific information from the online class schedule.  
  • FERPA Release Form (Privacy of Student Records - page 6) - The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records.  Students are encouraged to complete a FERPA Release Form to grant access of their account information to a designee (such as parent/guardian).  FERPA Forms must be submitted in person along with Photo ID. 

Required Documents

  • ACT / Placement Test Scores - Prior to enrollment, students are required to provide ACT Scores and/or Placement Test Scores in order to verify pre-requisite requirements.  For more course specific information and to schedule a placement test, visit Calhoun's Advising Center website
  • High School Transcript - Students are required to submit a copy of their high school transcript to the Dual Enrollment Office, prior to registration. Students should contact their high school counselor or school representative to request copies of transcripts.  

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