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Dual Enrollment Registration

Selecting Classes Using the Online Class Schedule

Before you can register for classes through MyCalhoun, you must select your desired courses and have them *approved through designated officials as listed on the approval form (Dual Enrollment or Accelerated High School - page 4 of your application packet).  To find the courses for the form, you can search the Online Class Schedule on our website.

View the tutorial video which will guide students through searching the online schedule and help locate specific classes based on class time/ location/campus/etc.  Students will use the Course Details to complete their registration form.  

*NOTE:  All courses must have required approval from designated officials as listed on the approval form before registration may be finalized.  


Students will use ‘MyCalhoun Student Account’ to check schedules, request transcripts, pay tuition, etc.  See the following instructions & tutorial videos on how to navigate within the MyCalhoun Account.

Full Intro Tutorial Video

Logging in

View your schedule

View your tuition balance

Pay your tuition balance

Class Schedules

Schedule Search

My Calhoun Tutorial

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