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Located in the beautiful Alabama Center for the Arts in downtown Decatur (see maps page, Calhoun's Art program is a traditional art foundation program of accredited courses transferable to universities and art schools.

In this program, students can learn to draw, design, paint, make original relief and intaglio prints and create computer art in large, well-equipped studios with natural lighting.

A survey of Art History from cave painting to contemporary insider and outsider art promotes understanding of the backgrounds and styles of other artists and motivates the designing of new works of art. After the completion of all art courses and academic courses, a professional portfolio of the student's drawings, paintings, designs, original prints, or three-dimensional art is prepared with the guidance of a major faculty advisor to enhance employability as an artist, for scholarship applications, or to show at universities or galleries.

The creative atmosphere and friendly attention of the staff and students at Calhoun encourages a student's self expression in art.

This program is for those who plan to transfer to senior institutions and pursue a B.A. degree in art. Some courses are only offered once a year in the day program on the Decatur campus. Students should plan schedules with the advice of the art faculty. A formal review of a professional quality portfolio of the student's art work is required upon completion of the program of study.

Mixed media by Kathryn Vaughn

For more information contact:

Kathryn Vaughn
Art Instructor
Calhoun Community College