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About Calhoun Theatre

Calhoun Community College Theatre is an accredited two-year program offering an associate's degree in theatre. Courses may also be taken as electives by non-majors.

You'll find our graduates in four-year institutions, graduate schools, and even the professional ranks of stage and film. But we are just as proud of those who have pursued other fields, for we believe that theatrical training, with its emphasis on teamwork, preparation, and presentation, teaches and motivates students to excel in any career.

Each year Calhoun Theatre presents three plays, including one Shakespeare. Our goals have always been to produce the highest quality plays; to give each of our students the opportunity to participate; and to entertain and educate our audiences, especially students in middle school, high school, and college.

Our Shakespeare For Schools and Theatre Outreach programs offer special performances for schools, senior citizens, and other groups in the Calhoun service area. We also provide learning and teaching aids, lectures, and discussion groups.

All Calhoun plays are presented in our Black Box Theatre.  Although this unique performing space permits a variety of staging configurations, it normally places audience members on opposite sides of the stage, thereby offering the intimacy of theatre-in-the-round while retaining full set-building capability. A play at Calhoun is an experience like no other.