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NOTICE--Biotechnology Re-launched

The Biotechnology laboratory has been closed for the last few semesters.  The Biotechnology lab will be relocated to the new building on the Huntsville Campus and courses will once again be offered beginning fall semester of 2017. 

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, with a high demand for entry-level workers and two-year and four-year college graduates. In the last 25 years, the US biotechnology industry has created more than 198,000 high-quality jobs, at over 1,400 pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, and instrumentation biotechnology companies, plus more at academic and government agencies!

Biotechnology sectors include:

  • Health Care: drug discovery, vaccines, devices and diagnostics 
  • Ag Biotech: genetically modified organisms, food safety 
  • Industrial and Environmental Applications: biofuels, biomaterials 
  • Biodefense: vaccines, biosensors 
  • Research Tools: DNA fingerprinting, bioinformatics, microarray technology, nanotechnology 

Local companies may provide internships for students who have completed the first year of biotech classes at Calhoun.

Reasons for Biotechnology in Community, Technical, and Career Colleges

Biotechnology Concentration

Calhoun offers a Biotechnology concentration for students seeking an Associate of Science degree.

Biotechnology Courses Offered are:

  • BIO 105 Introduction to Biotechnology - 4
  • BIO 107 Cell Culture - 4
  • BIO 203 Techniques in Molecular Biology - 4
  • BIO 252 Directed Studies in Biotechnology - 2
  • BIO 254 Advanced Topics in Biotechnology - 3
  • BIO 256 Biotechnology Internship - 2

For more information about Biotechnology, call or write:

Dr. David Ansard
(256) 306-2651 

Effie Nicke
(256) 306-2970 

Calhoun Biotechnology Resources