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Placement Testing

Effective Tuesday, September 5, 2017 Decatur Campus Accuplacer Placement exams will be administered in room 103 of the Testing Center (Building # 9 on the Map)

Placement Testing Information

To book an appointment now, click on the appropriate link:

Placement testing policy is mandated by our governing authority, the Alabama State Board of Education. 

For information on preparing for the exam and to get the free Study App, see Study for the Placement Test.

About the Test

  • This exam is not timed; nor is it pass/fail.  The purpose of this test is to determine your best course placement.
  • The placement exam is offered in three sections: Math, Reading, and Writing.  You may not be required to take all sections if you have valid ACT/SAT scores on file.
  • You will be asked to write an essay for the writing section.  A prompt will be provided.
  • You can only take the exam once each academic year.  See the retest policy below for details.
  • No calculators are allowed or other electronics are allowed.  If you are permitted to use a calculator, one will be provided on your screen.
  • Breaks are only allowed between sections of the test. 
  • Cheating will not be tolerated.

Retest Policy

A student who wishes to challenge placement results may retest once per academic year provided there is evidence the student has completed test preparation activities. Additional preparation includes but is not limited to academic boot camps, online pre-tests, and placement test applications. Institutions will charge a one-time fee for retesting per subject area of $10. Placement test scores will be valid for three years from the date of the original or retest assessment.

Who needs to take a placement test?  

All entering students who enroll in associate degree or certificate programs.

Who should not take a placement test?

  1. Students who transfer degree-creditable, college level English or Math courses with a "C" or better. Transcripts must be on file before an exception to the placement testing requirement will be approved, or unofficial copies provided to an advisor.  
  2. Students who hold an associate degree or higher, senior citizen, students who have successfully completed developmental studies, transient students, and dual enrollment students are exempt except for meeting prerequisites or program entry requirements. 

Can I use my ACT/SAT scores, instead of taking the placement test?

Yes. Students may use ACT/SAT subscores for placement, provided the test date was within the past 3 years. See Placement Chart.

I don't like where I placed, can I just start in any level class I choose?

Students may not register for any course above the placement level until appropriate prerequisite courses have been completed.

Students who would like to request accommodations on the basis of disability should visit the Student Disability Services page for more information or see the Disability Services Staff Directory.