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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner!   We have created this page to help aid you in the important role you play in students’ lives during the college search process.  We hope it will provide you with easy access to everything you need.  If you would like an Outreach Advisor to visit your school or, if you need to contact your assigned Outreach Advisor, please visit our Meet Your Outreach Advisor page and look for your school.  Thank you for all your support and please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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Applying is easy and free! To get started check out our 5 simple steps.
Calhoun does not require a certain ACT score OR GPA to be accepted for admissions. However to place into college level classes students must meet the following benchmarks. If they do not meet these benchmarks, they should sign up for Bridge or FastTrack. See the FAQ “What is the difference between Bridge and FastTrack?” to determine which program best fits the student.

English — ACT score of 18 or above places into ENG 101
Math — ACT score of 20 or above places into MTH 100 or higher (See Placement Chart)
Reading — ACT score of 20 or above places into ENG 101

Students with Low ACT scores or No ACT scores are able to take our Accuplacer Placement test in order to determine or improve class placement. Accuplacer consists of English (writing sample), Math, and Reading comprehension. This test is not timed, which is more helpful for students. We will accept a combination of ACT and Accuplacer scores for Placement. Students who do not meet these benchmarks should sign up for Bridge or FastTrack. See the FAQ “What is the difference between Bridge and FastTrack?” to determine which program best fits the student.

Both programs are FREE and designed to help students who do not place into college level English and Math classes. However, they differ according to the need of the students and their ACT Scores. Bridge is a more in depth program lasting 8-10 weeks for students who score a 14 or below on the ACT in English, Math, or Reading. FastTrack is a summer program lasting 6 weeks for students who score 15-17 on the ACT in English and 15-19 on the ACT in Math, or Reading. FastTrack students will also be able to take ORI 110 FOR FREE—this course is required for all first-time freshman at the college. All students will save the cost of 2 developmental classes ($920) and upon completion will be ready to take courses that go towards their degree.

We facilitate group and individual campus tours. We love for students to connect with us and get a feel for Calhoun’s campus, faculty, and staff. To put in a tour request visit our tours page.

For group tours, use the form at the bottom of the tours page. If you are interested in touring the Huntsville campus, please click “other” under areas to tour and notate “Huntsville Tour” in the comments section.

For individual tours, see the student-guided or staff guided tours section on the tours page for more details. If you have additional questions feel free to email or call your Outreach Advisor!

Calhoun’s tuition is approximately $153 per credit hour for tuition and fees.

1 class (3 Credit hours) = $460
1 Semester Full Time (12 credit hours) = $1,810
1 year Full Time (24 credit hours) = $3,610
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