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Interested in broadening your horizons or turning that hobby into a business?  Check out our wide array of non-credit courses, designed to meet a variety of needs.  Whether it is a summer camp designed to keep the minds and bodies of kids and young adults engaged while out of regular school; adult education classes to prepare for the GED test or to get ready for college level courses; or just fun and informative classes for adults both young and old, Calhoun has something for everyone. 

Maybe you have a hobby or want to start one.  Want to learn more about Photography?  We’ve got a class for that.  Want to learn to reupholster your furniture?  Yes, we do that, too.  Maybe you are retired and want to learn more about computers.  We have you covered.  We have too many exciting classes to mention here, so check out the Community Education section to find out everything we offer, the schedule and how to register.  Who knows, you may see something that you hadn’t thought about before and it will turn out to be your passion.

Calhoun also has the Alabama Parenthood Initiative program that is designed to enhance the ability of qualifying parents in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities for their children’s emotional and economic well-being.

What are you waiting for?  Check us out!

Fall Online Courses