Programs of Study

Programs of Study/Areas of Concentration or Transfer

Listed below is an alphabetical list of programs of study and areas of concentration. Programs are provided to those areas of concentration that have webpages. A link is also provided to the associated division.

Accounting A.A.S Business/CIS & Technologies
Aerospace A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Art   Humanities & Social Sciences
Aviation (Airframe Maintenance) offered in partnership with the Alabama Aviation Center A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Biology   Math and Science
Biotechnology   Math and Science
Business Administration A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Chemistry   Math and Science
Child Development A.A.S.; Cert. Humanities & Social Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Technician A.A.S. Health
Communication Studies/Speech   Humanities & Social Sciences
Computer Graphics A.A.S. Humanities & Social Sciences
Computer Information Systems  A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Cosmetology (See Salon & Spa Management) A.A.S.; Cert.  
Criminal Justice   Humanities & Social Sciences
Dental Assisting A.A.S.; Cert. Health
Design Drafting Technology  A.A.S.;Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Education (Elementary or Early Childhood)   Humanities & Social Sciences
Electrical Technology  A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Emergency Medical Services (EMT, EMT-Advanced, Paramedic) A.A.S.; Cert. Health
Engineering (Pre)   Math and Science
English   Humanities & Social Sciences
Entrepreneurship (See Business)  Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
General Studies A.S.  
Health Education   Humanities & Social Sciences
History   Humanities & Social Sciences
Industrial Maintenance A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Machine Tool Technology  A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Mathematics   Math and Science
Music Industry Communications A.A.S. Humanities & Social Sciences
Music/Music Education    Humanities & Social Sciences
Nursing (ADN, Practical & Nursing Assistant) A.A.S.; Cert. Health
Paralegal A.A.S. Business/CIS & Technologies
Physical Education   Humanities & Social Sciences
Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S Health
Physics   Math and Science
Practical Nursing Cert. Health
Pre-Dentistry   Math and Science
Pre-Law   Humanities & Social Sciences
Pre-Medicine   Math and Science
Pre-Pharmacy   Math and Science
Pre-Veterinary Medicine    Math and Science
Process Technology A.A.S. Business/CIS & Technologies
Psychology   Humanities & Social Sciences
Public Safety Administration   Humanities & Social Sciences
Renewable Energy A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Robotics/Mechatronics A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies
Salon & Spa Management (formerly Cosmetology) A.A.S.; Cert.    Business/CIS & Technologies
Security Cert. Humanities & Social Sciences
Sociology   Humanities & Social Sciences
Surgical Technology A.A.S.; Cert. Health
Theatre     Humanities & Social Sciences
Welding A.A.S.; Cert. Business/CIS & Technologies