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The degrees and certificates offered by the Computer Information Systems department provide students with the technical skills necessary to compete in today's high tech world. Are you interested in learning the skills necessary for an entry-level position in computer hardware repair, networking, computer programming, cyber security, or software applications? If so, we offer Associate of Applied Science degrees. Interested in transferring to a four-year institution instead? We also offer an Associate of Science in Computer Science degree program designed for transfer students.

Calhoun is a Microsoft certified training center, offering classes and an entire certificate focusing on Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) preparation (see MOS website ). Calhoun is a CISCO© Regional Academy offering a variety of student and instructor training. As part of the CISCO© academy we offer CCNA, CCNA-Security, CCNA-Wireless and IT Essential curriculums. Please contact Nisheeth Agrawal (256-890-4751) or Cynthia Stephenson (256-306-2687) for more information. (see CISCO© website )

Programs of Study

Associate of Science (Transfer option)

This program is for those who plan to transfer to senior institutions and pursue B.S. degrees in computer information systems or related fields. NOTE: Students should consult with a department advisor during their first semester in planning their academic schedule in order to complete degree requirements in an expedient manner. Required courses may not be available every semester. Due to limited course offerings, degree seeking students may find it necessary to extend completion time lines and attend both day and evening classes.

Associate of Applied Science Degree Options

This degree seeks to prepare students for successful employment in the computer field. Degree options focus on Microcomputer Applications, Programming, and Network Technologies.


Certificates are short programs of study allowing students to complete a focused set of classes quickly.

The Software Applications Certificate offers concentrated study in Microsoft Office applications, preparing students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist series of exams.

The CISCO© Preparation Certificate provides courses preparing students for the CCNA (CISCO© Certified Network Associate) exam series.

The Computer Technician Preparation Certificate (IT Essentials) provides students with courses for the CompTia© A+ certification.

Course Scheduling

Many CIS courses are offered online, as well as in a traditional classroom setting. Online courses afford students the opportunity to complete coursework, sometimes even entire degrees, from the comfort of home.