Programs of Study

Have you ever applied for a job and were told, “You don’t have the right kind of experience,” and your first thought was, “How can I get this experience unless I get a job in my field?”

Cooperative Education is a structured educational strategy integrating classroom studies with learning through productive work experiences in a field related to a student's academic or career goals. It provides progressive experiences in integrating theory and practice. Co-op is a partnership among students, educational institutions and employers with specified responsibilities for each party.

Calhoun Community College's Cooperative Education Program affords students the opportunity to acquire on-the-job experience before graduation by combining studies at Calhoun with a related work experience. This Program allows the student to work on a part-time basis (a minimum of 20 hours per week) in a job directly related to his/her academic major while attending school on a full-or part-time basis.

Based on your major, please follow the links on the right to view requirements for each program.

For additional information, please call Diane Peck at 256-306-2515.