Programs of Study

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

About the Program

The purpose of this program of study is to train the student to become an air conditioning and refrigeration technician. Concentrations for students to choose from are Advanced ACR, Indoor Air Quality, System Design, ACR Commercial, ACR Business or ACR Controls. The student in the program learns to install and repair air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in office buildings, factories, homes, food stores, restaurants, theaters, and other establishments. The practical experiences provide proficiency in cutting pipe and repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment along with load and duct design.

Technical jobs are the fastest growing segment of the economy. The demand for qualified people to monitor, service, repair, design and install HVACR equipment is projected to increase faster than average for all occupations over the next ten years. The typical base salary range for a HVACR technician is $27,040 - $31,200. Base salary does not include overtime or benefits.

Degree Options

Calhoun offers an Applied Technology Degree or a Certificate degrees in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration with concentrations in the following areas:
  • Advanced ACR
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • System Design
  • ACR Commercial
  • ACR Business
  • ACR Controls

Career opportunities

Industries have a growing need for well trained individuals with skills in maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Not only is the graduate of this program qualified in air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance, but also in residential and commercial construction.

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