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Student Clubs & Organizations

StudentsThe following is a list of campus organizations and clubs and brief descriptions of their functions.

Additive Manufacturing Club (AMC)  - The purpose of the Additive Manufacturing Club is to promote additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and 3D modeling to increase awareness of the Additive Manufacturing program, and to provide unique additive manufacturing opportunities for Calhoun Community College students.  Sponsor – Nina Bullock –  or student rep.

American Society for Quality Student Chapter - ASQ (American Society for Quality) is a global organization dedicated to quality.  The Calhoun student branch is committed to increasing students’ knowledge of quality beyond the classroom.  ASQ student members directly interact with the local Huntsville ASQ Chapter 1503.  The chapter hosts guest speakers, tours local industries, and attends quality conferences.  The ASQ student branch welcomes students of all disciplines.  Sponsor – Jennifer Geiger – 256-306-2584  -

Animé Lounge (Decatur Campus) - Our purpose is to create a social media club to give individuals a place to gather and par-take in popular activities such as viewing anime, playing analog and digital games, role-playing games recruitment, and book club-like discussions such as discussing graphic novels and light novels of a series. The club will explore the Asian culture. Sponsor - Ernest Williams, (256) 306-2742, 

Baptist Campus Ministries - Decatur  - Baptist Campus Ministries, Christian Fellowship, is a Christ-centered organization that offers students the opportunity to grow in leadership skills, discipleship, and personal relationships. Students will find worship, Bible study, music, food, fun, friends, mission trips and much more. Our goal is to help each others grow in their relationship with Christ, and help lead others to Him. Our weekly Bible studies consist of praise and worship, Bible study, and Biblical discussions. We are formally supported by Baptist Campus Ministries, but we are not just for the Baptist denomination. Throughout the school year, we have many activities. We go on mission trips, retreats and conferences. Sponsor - Willie Alexander, BCM Bible Studies are held on the Decatur Campus on Mondays from  11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and on Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  in the Brewer Library Instruction Room . BCM will hold a "See You At The Pole” event on the first and third Thursday at 12:00 noon to hold prayer for the school during the 2016 Spring semester.

Baptist Campus Ministries - Huntsville - we host a weekly Bible Study and other events each semester.  We strive to create community for those who believe in Jesus Christ and those wanting to know more about Him. We will be meeting on Tuesdays in Room 1220 for Bible Study from 11 am until noon and at 12:30 pm until 1:30 pm.  Attend whichever hour best fits your schedule. Edwin Hocutt the BCM Campus Minister can be reached at

Bass Fishing Club - A club that provides opportunities for students to engage in bass fishing, compete in bass fishing tournaments, and promote bass fishing while having a positive influence on people on campus and throughout the community. Sponsor - Meg Graham, 306-2835.  

Black Students' Alliance (See the BSA website) – A one-of-a-kind group open to all students who want to get to know other students, talk about/plan activities, resolve questions or issues pertaining to Black students, respond to campus and community concerns, and enjoy college life together. Sponsors – Decatur Campus: Carla Larry, 256-306-2540; Trina Smith, 256-306-2980; Ernest Williams, 256-260-2742; Jhauncey Woodruff, 256-260-2444; Huntsville Campus - Felecia Ewing, 256-890-4798; Gerald Jackson, 256-890-4771; Isaac Sakyi-Addo, 256-890-4789 and Carolyn Jordan, 256-890-4747.

Books 101 (See the Books 101 website/blog for current reading selections and more information) - Club designed to encourage interest in reading at Calhoun. The club will also discuss and share opinions on plot-lines, characterization, and the writing style of books. Faculty sponsor - Dr. Parvathy Bhooshanan (256) 890-4730.

Broadcasting Club / Photography Club - The Broadcasting / Photography Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to experiment with and gain hands-on experience in the continuously evolving communications mediums of television, radio, digital photography and multimedia production. The club also serves as a forum to inform, educate and entertain. Students engage in fun-filled activities via special exhibits, seminars, production shoots and studio recordings. Sponsor – Wes Torain, 256-306-2965

C4 Ministry – The purpose of the C4 Ministry is to lead bible study, prayer, and to create an environment for sharing testimonies.  This club hopes to equip students who desire leadership roles with the proper skills to help develop discipleship skills.  C4 Ministry will act as a bridge to Christ for students. Sponsor Dr. April Nunn –

Child Development Club -  This club is designed to promote a spirit of citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the CDC (Child Development Club), to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the child development profession, and to encourage future participation in child development organizations upon graduation. Sponsor - Susan Satterfield 256-890-4788

Christians at Calhoun - It is our goal to embody the love of Christ and to show this love to other students on this campus. We do this by meeting together, studying God’s word, praying, singing, and serving God by our actions, words, and lives. We would love to meet you and talk to you more about our great God and the salvation made possible by Jesus Christ. Whether you have zero experience with faith and spirituality or you’ve been in churches all your life, students from all backgrounds are invited to be a part. Tyler Johnson - 256-306-2876

College Autism Spectrum Organization (CASSO) - This is a support group for students with, or students interested in, Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Interested parties can contact  Jessica Baker 256-306-2630

Criminal Justice Club - A club organized to broaden student’s horizons who are seeking a career in Criminal Justice and related fields. Sponsor - James Stewart - 256-890-4785.

Debate Club (Huntsville Campus) - The Debate Club gives students who are interested in public speaking the opportunity to work and develop their speaking skills as well as learning the ability to form debates. Creating an environment where all students are welcome to come and learn.  Sponsor – Holly Powell, or 256-890-4868.

Drama Club - Auxiliary to theatre program whose purpose is to foster student interest in theatre arts by attendance at off-campus theatre performances.  Sponsor - William Godsey, 306-2701, e-mail:, Fine Arts, Meets: TBA.

E.M.S. Club - To promote citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the organization, to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the E.M.S. profession, to encourage future participation in the professional E.M.S. organization upon graduation, and to provide E.M.S. student representation and communicate concerns to and from the college administration and faculty.  Sponsors- Kenneth Kirkland, (256) 306-2789 and Tyler Mosley, (256) 306-2978

Entrepreneurs Club - To promote entrepreneurship on Calhoun’s campuses by gathering like-minded students and immersing them in experiences that develop their skill sets and enhance their abilities to start their own businesses. Contact: Deborah Enfinger at 256-306-2679 or email or like us on Facebook at 

SPECTRUM-(Calhoun's LGBT+ Group) - An all-inclusive organization created to be a support system for the members of the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, etc.) community, making Calhoun a more open, accepting place that facilitates an understanding and thoughtful outlook on sexual orientation and gender identity. This is a safe place for like-minded individuals to have social support, and a time for non-judgmental engagement with others. Spectrum meets every Thursday of the month at 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., and third Monday of each month at 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Room 305 on the Huntsville Campus. Decatur Campus meetings will be at the same time in Noble Russell Hall, Room 104. Sponsors- Rick Seibert,, 256-890-4786 / / Logan Smith,, 256-890-4706 / / Cynthia Buccheit,, 256-503-9588 in Decatur / / Shelia Archer,, 662-316-7367 in Decatur.

The Humanity Front - The purpose of this group is to share views on topics such as government, religion, culture, laws, etc.; but with the idea of putting humanity first. Sponsor - Kenneth Hoffman, 306-2763, e-mail:  

Interfaith Club- The purpose of the Calhoun Community College Interfaith Club is to promote interaction and understanding of world religions and spiritual philosophies, thus fostering dialogue between people of different faith backgrounds, and the support and acceptance of religious diversity.  Sponsors:  Susan LoCascio (256) 306-2757 and Dr. Parvathy Bhooshanan (256) 890-4730.

International Club (Huntsville campus) - To serve as a means of promoting unity, success and involvement for students. Sponsors -Nizar Abudiab (256) 713-4812 (, Dr. Susan LoCascio (256) 306-2757 (; Dr. Divya Pradhan (256) 890-4995 (, Dr. Sivajah Somasundaram (256) 890-4753 (, or contact:

IT Club of Calhoun Community College - To serve and provide, information, instruction and experience to IT club members that will advance and help them with their computer skills.  Sponsor- Dr. Charline Nixon, (256)890-4768.

K-Pop Love (KPL) - The purpose of the K-Pop club is to help people understand, learn, and appreciate Korean pop culture music.  To bring students together in order to build deeper friendships. Sponsor - Rick Seibert,

La Vos/Spanish Club - To provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in the Spanish language and culture, to help students and the community understand and learn more about the Spanish cultures of Latin America, Spain, and the local Latino community.  This club is also organized to expand knowledge and appreciation of the language, customs, history, cultures, and social life of Spanish speakers through events, and to provide a safe and sober environment for students to engage in oral usage of the Spanish language.  Sponsor- Dr. Waymon Burke (256)890-4737.

C3 NASA Rover Team (C3NRT) Club - The goal of the team is to design, build and race a simulate lunar roving vehicle in the annual NASA Human Rover Challenge Race at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  The race was inspired by the development of the first lunar roving vehicle, which was designed and tested at Marshall Space Flight Center.  The event challenges students to design and build a human-powered vehicle to address engineering problems similar to those actually faced by the original NASA lunar rover team.  Main goals of the project are to attract students to aerospace related application and implement existing NASA educational programs in a real-world design challenge.  Sponsor - Keith Davis, 256-306-2912.

Nursing Club - promotes citizenship, leadership and fellowship; encourages responsibility for maintenance of high ideals for the nursing profession; encourages future participation in professional nursing organizations.  Sponsors: David Welsh, 306-2988, e-mail:, Deby Lee, 306-2803, e-mail:  Meeting dates and times: TBA.

Phi Theta Kappa - ( See the Phi Theta Kappa website ) Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College.  Students who are enrolled (part-time or full-time) at Calhoun, have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and have already earned at least 12 semester hours creditable toward a two-year degree are invited at the beginning of each semester.  Phi Theta Kappa focuses on activities and events relating to our four hallmarks:  leadership, scholarship, service and fellowship.  Each member is encouraged to be active in our organization in order to gain servant leadership experience, widen the scope of his or her knowledge, increase competitive scholarship opportunities and fellowship with other Phi Theta Kappa members in the chapter, state, nation and across the globe.  Advisors - Ragan Chastain, (256) 890-4755 (Huntsville Campus), Necia Nicholas (256) 306-2845 (Decatur Campus). Spring 2016 Meeting Schedule

Physical Therapist Assistant Club - To promote citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the organization, to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the PTA profession, to encourage future participation in the professional PTA organization upon graduation, and to provide PTA student representation and communicate concerns to and from the college administration and faculty.  Sponsor- Tiffany Bain, (256) 260-2439.

Psychology Club is a relaxed, inclusive club that explores psychology related topics through videos, discussions, games, speakers, movies and other fun activities. The meetings are a laid-back way to learn about and discuss many fascinating aspects of psychology. We welcome students from all disciplines. Note: This club will eventually become registered as a local chapter for Psi Beta (community college honors society for psychology) which requires students to have completed PSY 200 with a B or higher and have an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher. Current club location: Decatur campus. Faculty advisor: Tori Norris,, 256-306-2731

Prime Fellowship - Prime Fellowship Club’s purpose on Calhoun Decatur campus is to create a welcoming environment of love for students to discover their identity, learn their purpose, and grow in Christ through intentional fellowship.  Advisor:  Ernest Williams –, 256-306-2742.

Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD – English) (See the Sigma Kappa Delta website) - Sigma Kappa Delta is the National English Honor Society for students in two-year colleges and was created by Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society for university students.  Visit the website of Calhoun's Chapter of SKD, Theta Beta. Those who qualify are inducted by invitation.  The advantages of SKD include life-long recognition for academic excellence; a chance to qualify for scholarships and to publish; the opportunity to participate in activities that celebrate theatre, art music, reading, and writing; and a chance to attend conferences both locally and nationally.  Sponsors – Decatur Campus: Leigh Ann Rhea (256) 306-2940 and Julie Sneed (256) 306-2723; Huntsville Campus:  Brandi Gindhart (256) 890-4762 and Rick Seibert (256) 890-4786.  Call for meeting times and locations.

SkillsUSA - SkillsUSA is a national organization serving high school and college students who are enrolled in training programs in technical, skills and service occupations, including health occupations programs and tech prep.  SkillsUSA has more than 300,000 members in 13,000 chapters and 53 state and territorial associations.  SkillsUSA was established in 1965 and has served more than 9.5 million students.  Sponsors:  Nick Agrawal (890-4751), Mark Rose (306-2814), Nina Bullock (306-2813) Tad Montgomery (306-2669) and Patrick Rouse (256) 306-2848.

Student Art Club - The purpose of the Student Art Club is to provide a creative environment for all Calhoun students who wish to pursue, develop and utilize their artistic abilities. Sponsor - Kristine Beadle (306-2703) and Kathryn Vaughn (306-2695).

Student Government Association (See the SGA website) - represents student views to the college administration and coordinates and carries out the Student Activities program.  Officers and two senators are elected in March.  Senators are elected in September.  Applications to run for SGA may be acquired from the Student Activities Facilitator or SGA office.  The SGA President, Vice President, Secretary, and 2nd Vice President and Campus Coordinator  may be eligible for a scholarship, but awards must be made within scholarship policies at Calhoun.  See your advisor for more information. Calhoun Community College encourages student participation in institutional decision-making.  The Student Government Association represents student views to the college administration through representation on the Discipline Committee, Parking/Traffic Appeals Committee, as well as other special appointments.  Kelly Hovater, Sponsor - Student Activities Facilitator  (SA) (256-306-2640)

Warhawks (Student Ambassadors) (See the Warhawks website) – The Warhawks are Calhoun’s official hosts and hostesses. They represent the college at official functions, give campus tours, host student and faculty receptions, represent Calhoun Community College at various high school programs, and lots of other exciting activities. It’s a great way to meet other students, faculty and administrators, and become involved in student activities. Some of the requirements for being a Warhawk are a positive attitude, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and 12 hours. Sponsors:  Janet Kincherlow-Martin, 256-306-2561, Sherika Attipoe, 256-306-2560 and Dr. Sherry Stancil (Huntsville), 256-713-4824. The Warhawks meet every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., Decatur Campus Math/Science Building Conference Room; Huntsville Campus Administrative Conference Room.

Forming New Club - anyone interested in forming a new club should complete the "Official Petition for forming Organizations and Clubs" form. For more information, contact the Student Activities Facilitator, Kelly Hovater, (256) 306-2640, in the Chasteen Student Center on the Decatur campus. 

Forming New Club - anyone interested in forming a new club should complete the "Official Petition for forming Organizations and Clubs" form. For more information, contact the Student Activities Facilitator, Kelly Hovater, (256) 306-2640, in the Chasteen Student Center on the Decatur campus.