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Digital Badge Program

Display your skills and mastery of the technology and teaching methodologies needed to create quality learning experiences for our students.  Share your badges across personal Websites or blogs, and social networking channels. 

We have adopted the standards from the Mozilla Open Badges Initiative to ensure that you have the greatest flexibility in using your badges. 

Distance Learning Certificate BadgeCalhoun Exemplary Course Badge

How does it work? 

Once you have met the requirements for a particular badge, you receive an email containing a link.  Following the link allows you to accept or reject the badge.  If you accept the badge, you will be prompted to store the badge in your Credly Account or in Mozilla Backpack.  It is a relatively seamless process.

What badges can be earned?

Most of the badges are for faculty development.  These badges have been created as progressive series that indicate training, practice and innovation.  Each series represents a particular methodology or set of tools used to create online courses.  Badges are based on rubrics, and are aligned with the Faculty Development schedule.

Basic Blackboard BadgeCommunication Tools BadgeHybrid Flip Badge
Learning Assessment BadgePresentation Tools BadgeUniversal Course Design Badge

What do I have to do to begin earning badges?

  1. Accept the email and create an account in Credly to redeem your badge. You can also post your badge to Mozilla Backpack. All you need is your Calhoun email address to start.
  2. Complete a Faculty Development workshop or online course.  Distance Learning staff will keep track as you meet a training requirement.  Some badges require more than one workshop.
  3. Submit a course for review to progress from "Trained" to "Practitioner" or "Innovator."