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  • Distance learning courses, both hybrid (H) and Web (W), don't become available to students until the beginning of the semester. The courses will be active in Blackboard no later than 8am on the first day of the term.
  • Login instructions for Blackboard are located on the Blackboard login page.
  • Within the first 1-4 days of the semester, students should login to Blackboard and complete the attendance assignment that the instructor posts. Failure to do so will result in the student being marked absent during the first week, which will subsequently result in the student being dropped from the course for non-attendance if he or she receives financial aid.
  • Web courses don't actually meet face-to-face so "TBA" is listed for the meeting time on the schedule and instructors provide the course schedule online in Blackboard.
  • Hybrid courses typically meet once a week so students are expected to attend class during the first week at the day and time listed in the class schedule unless otherwise instructed.
Students register for Distance Learning classes, both hybrid (H) and Web (W), in the same way that they register for any other class. That is, students apply to the College, take any required placement tests, meet with an advisor as necessary, and register for classes using MyCalhoun. For more information about the admission and registration process, visit the Admissions page.
Distance Learning courses, both Hybrid (H) and Web (W) cost the same as any other Calhoun course. That is, Calhoun does not distinguish between H, W, and traditional classes for tuition purposes. The current tuition rate is listed in the College Catalog under "Financial Information.".
Yes! You can take any combination of hybrid, web, and traditional courses that works best for your academic program and class schedule.
Distance Learning (DL) classes have the same learning objectives, reading assignments, homework, and tests as traditional classes . The difference is in the way the class is delivered. While DL classes offer greater scheduling flexibility, students should keep in mind that DL courses require a lot more time management and self-discipline than traditional courses. Since there is no scheduled class time, the students have to be responsible for making the time to do both the online work and their homework, which typically requires 5-10 hours a week per class. If you are considering a DL course or program, visit Distance to read more about what it takes to succeed in DL classes.
Definitely! All resources available to Calhoun Community College students are available to Distance Learning students. For more information on a specific service, contact the corresponding department.
Yes! Financial aid grants, loans, scholarships, and Veterans benefits may be used for Distance Learning classes. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information.
Yes! Calhoun's Distance Learning courses are fully accredited, just as are its traditional courses, and so can be transferred to another institution. For more information about transferring from Calhoun to another Alabama institution, visit STARS . It is the student's responsibility to check with the institution to which he/she wants to transfer for full details.
Currently Calhoun offers Hybrid (H) and Web (W) courses in Business, Computer Systems, Technologies, Nursing, Health, Fine Arts, Language and Literature, Social Sciences, Math, and Natural Sciences. For a full listing of all online courses and programs available from Alabama's Community Colleges, visit
If you have academic trouble with a course, please contact your instructor either through email or by telephone. If you have trouble navigating a course, first review the orientation your instructor provides in the Blackboard course. If you experience technical trouble, please contact Calhoun's help desk at 256.306.2700, option 1, Monday-Thursday 7:45 am-5:15 pm and Friday 7:45-11:45. Support is also available via email at