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This page is your source for getting started with Distance Learning at Calhoun!

Are you Ready to take an online course with Calhoun Community College?

Please take the following assessment to determine your readiness for an online course. Take Our Quiz!

Please review your results from the Readiness Assessment.

Your score was 75% or more, between 24-32 points out of a possible 32 points. Online courses are a real possibility for you, given your flexible educational preferences, learning styles and familiarity with computers. But be sure to manage your study time wisely to keep up with the online course readings and assignments. Good organization and time management skills are very important for online learning, as you will have to work independently much of the time. You are prepared to pace yourself, figure out things on your own and communicate with people in writing. You generally seem to realize that taking an online course is more time consuming and requires more study discipline than a face-to-face class. Please see Calhoun's available Class Schedules and registration information.

Your score was (59-72%) between 19-23 points out of a possible 32 points. . Distance Learning courses may work for you, but you may need to make some adjustments in order to succeed. It looks like you might work better when external organization is imposed on you. Remember that learning from an online course usually requires more time and effort, because you will often have to pace yourself and figure out things on your own or with limited support from the instructor. In an online course you will have to pace yourself and figure out things on your own, or with sometimes limited assistance from the instructor. As far as time management, you may want to develop a strategy for keeping yourself on track, such as keeping a written record of your tasks and allocating certain hours to work on each task. To become a successful online learner, you may also want to improve your basic learning skills, such as reading, listening, writing, and problem solving. These strategies will help you not fall behind in the class. If you still have questions or concerns about online courses, please go visit with an adviser. For more information and preparation strategies, sign up for Calhoun's Orientation Course or visit the Campus Lab and Tutoring Center.

Your score was (56% or less) between 1-18 points out of a possible 32 points. You may want to rethink your reasons for wishing to enroll in distance learning courses as you may find online courses a difficult challenge. You may find it difficult to keep up with your online assignments due to internet access, limited computer experience, time management skills or study habits (such as keeping yourself on track, meeting deadlines and working independently). If you feel that you have trouble learning new information, are not comfortable with written communications and participation in online discussions, or are not used to solving problems on your own, you may need to reconsider your decision to take an online course, as it usually provides less support from the instructor, than may be necessary for you. An online course also requires at least 10 hours a week, which you may not be ready to spend at this time. We encourage you to contact us for further assistance on how we can help you improve your basic computer skills so that you feel comfortable studying online and do well in your course work. For more information and preparation strategies, contact Advising and Recruiting at Calhoun to sign up for Calhoun's Orientation Course or visit the Campus Lab and Tutoring Center.