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Alabama G.I. Dependent Scholarship

Information may be obtained from the local VA Office. Applications are submitted to Montgomery for approval. Certificates are issued to student and a copy sent to Calhoun.  If a student chooses to enroll less than full-time, he/she does not use a full semester of their benefits.  Likewise, if the student is enrolled in over 12 credit hours, he/she only uses one semester of their benefits.  

Breakdown of Semester Usage:

# of credit hrs. enrolled - Semesters Used Per Term
1 - 5 hours - .25 semester
6 - 8 hours - .50 semester
9 - 11 hours - .75 semester
12 or more hours - 1.0 semester

Once the student is registered for the upcoming semester, the student must contact Judy Kilgore at (256) 306-2543 or to manually apply his/her scholarship to his/her account balance.

AGIDS will cover the following charges:

Tuition (100 level & Above Campus Held Courses)

In-State:  $119.00/credit hr
Out-of-State:  $238.00/credit hr

Bond Fee

In-State:  $1.00/credit hr
Out-of-State: $1.00/credit hr

Technology Fee

In-State:  $9.00/credit hr
Out-of-State:  $9.00/credit hr

Required Text Books (For Courses Above 100 level)

In-State:  TBD
Out-of-State:  TBD

AGIDS will not  cover the following:

Tuition (Remedial Campus-Held Courses)

In-State:  $150.00/credit hr
Out-of-State:  $269.00/credit hr

Facility Renewal Fee

In-State:  $9.00/credit hr
Out-of-State:  $9.00/credit hr

Special Building Fee

In-State:  $12.00/credit hr
Out-of-State:  $12.00/credit hr

Remedial Course Text Books

In-State:  TBD
Out-of-State:  TBD

*** Remedial Courses include courses below 100 level, i.e. ENG*094 or MTH*098***

If the AGIDS student does not have another type of financial aid, the student is required to pay the balance of fees and other charges not covered by the scholoarship before the payment deadline. Otherwise, his/her schedule will be deleted.            

Once the student has an account balance of zero, this will ensure a book voucher will be mailed with information to charge books at the bookstore prior to the start of the semester.