Student Services

Student Organizations and Clubs

Cocurricular organizations and clubs are recognized as an integral part of the total educational program of Calhoun Community College. Students are encouraged to participate in organizations and clubs in order to share their talents and ideas with classmates and college staff, to influence positively the total college program, to enhance personal skills through leadership experiences, and to enjoy a fuller social life through contacts made in cocurricular activities. (Also see Student Activities)


4C Student Ministry - The purpose of this group is to empowering students and encouraging them along their journey to higher learning. By using biblical principles, we help students focus on life skills, such as time management, dreaming big, stewardship, and overcoming obstacles. Sponsor: Tessa Parrish 256-306-2554 or

Allied Health Students Assn. – gives students in the area of Allied Health a chance to meet, form new friendships, and learn more about the fields of Allied Health. Sponsor - Grant Wilson, 306-2950  Meets: TBA

Asperger’s Support Group - This is a support group for students with, or students interested in, Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Interested parties can contact Dawn Hale, (256) 306-2630.

Bass Fishing Club - A club that provides opportunities for students to engage in bass fishing, compete in bass fishing tournaments, and promote bass fishing while having a positive influence on people on campus and throughout the community. Sponsor - Meg Graham, 306-2835.  See our Facebook page for more information. 

Black Students' Alliance (See the BSA website) – A one-of-a-kind group open to all students who want to get to know other students, talk about/plan activities, resolve questions or issues pertaining to Black students, respond to campus and community concerns, and enjoy college life together. Sponsors – Pamela Little, 306-2633; Ernest Williams, 260-2742; Mattie Burks, 306-2614 and Kermit Carter, 306-2613.  Huntsville Campus - Felecia Ewing; 890-4798.

Blast Comics - is a club for people who are into creating stories, such as writings, comics, and animation.  Sponsor- Dr. Susan LoCascio, (256) 306-2757.

Books 101-(See the Books 101 website/blog) - Club designed to encourage interest in reading at Calhoun. The club will also discuss and share opinions on plot-lines, characterization, and the writing style of books. Faculty sponsor - Dr. Parvathy Bhooshanan (890-4730).

Broadcasting Club - Calhoun College Television is dedicated to providing an outlet for Calhoun College students who wish to gain experience in, or experiment with the continuously evolving communications medium of television, and to serve as a forum for the community, which will inform, educate, and entertain. Sponsor - Wes Torain, 306-2965.

Campus Ministries  - Baptist Campus ministries, Christian Fellowship, is a Christ-centered organization that offers students the opportunity to grow in leadership skills, discipleship, and personal relationships. Students will find worship, Bible study, music, food, fun, friends, mission trips and much more. Our goal is to help each others grow in their relationship with Christ, and help lead others to Him. Our weekly Bible studies consist of praise and worship, Bible study, and Biblical discussions. We are formally supported by Baptist Campus Ministries, but we are not just for the Baptist denomination. Throughout the school year, we have many activities. We go on mission trips, retreats and conferences. Sponsor - Willie Alexander,

The Centurions Club - To assist persons with disabilities to gain access to all programs and facilities at Calhoun Community College.  Sponsor- Dawn Hale (256)306-2630.

Child Development Club -  This club is designed to promote a spirit of citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the CDC (Child Development Club), to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the child development profession, and to encourage future participation in child development organizations upon graduation. Sponsor - Dr. Alice Yeager - 256-890-4807.

Christians at Calhoun Student Group (CAC) - The purpose of this club is to promote interest in God’s Word and to spread New Testament Christianity.  Bible study will meet once per week to study God’s Word and sing praises to God.  Our aim is that with God’s help, souls can be brought to Christ, and we can draw closer to HIM.  Sponsor:  Judy Johnson 256-306-2751 or

Cornerstone Student Ministries (Huntsville campus) - To promote the fellowship of Calhoun Christian students and to serve the Calhoun student body with acts of love and service.  Contact: Angie Hood,

Criminal Justice Club - A club organized to broaden student’s horizons who are seeking a career in Criminal Justice and related fields. Sponsor - James Stewart - 256-890-4785.

Decatur Anime Lounge - Our purpose is to create a social media club to give individuals a place to gather and par-take in popular activities such as viewing anime, playing analog and digital games, role-playing games recruitment, and book club-like discussions such as discussing graphic novels and light novels of a series. The club will explore the Asian culture. Sponsor - Ernest Williams, (256) 306-2742, 
Dental Assisting Club - To promote the spirit of citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the organization, to encourage the responsibility for maintaining the high ideal of the Dental Assisting profession, to encourage future participation in the professional Dental Assisting organization upon graduation, and to provide dental assisting representation and communicate concerns to and from the college administration and faculty.   Sponsor- Karen Chockley, (256)306-2812.

Disability Club - This club provides information and educates students and faculty about disabilities. The club provides fellowship to students with disabilities and for those without disabilities who have an interest in this area.  The club serves as a liaison and/or student representative for the Student Government Association (SGA).  Sponsor:  Dr. Kermit Carter 256-306-2613 or

Drama Club - Auxiliary to theatre program whose purpose is to foster student interest in theatre arts by attendance at off-campus theatre performances.  Sponsor - William Godsey, 306-2701, e-mail:, Fine Arts, Meets: TBA.

E.M.S. Club - To promote citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the organization, to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the E.M.S. profession, to encourage future participation in the professional E.M.S. organization upon graduation, and to provide E.M.S. student representation and communicate concerns to and from the college administration and faculty.  Sponsors- Kenneth Kirkland, (256) 306-2789 and Tyler Mosley, (256) 306-2978.

Entrepreneurs Club - To promote entrepreneurship on Calhoun’s campuses by gathering like-minded students and immersing them in experiences that develop their skill sets and enhance their abilities to start their own businesses. Contact: Derek Berry, (256) 306-2443 or or like us on Facebook at

Fiction Writing Club
- This club will provide opportunities for students to improve their fiction-writing and poetry craft by providing an environment in which they may freely give and receive rigorous, honest, and constructive criticism. Creative non-fiction writers are welcome, as well. Sponsors—Dr. M. Caroline Prince (256-890-4993) and Ms. Susan Cooley Puckett (256-890-4786). 

Gay Straight Alliance- An organization created to be a support system for the members of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgendered) community and make Calhoun a more open and accepting place for those in that community. To create a place where those who have “came out” to have a place to meet with like minded individuals in a safe environment, and to help those who haven’t “came out” to have a place to come and find support. Sponsor - Dr. Susan LoCascio, (256) 306-2757.

The Humanity Front - The purpose of this group is to share views on topics such as government, religion, culture, laws, etc.; but with the idea of putting humanity first. Sponsor - Kenneth Hoffman, 306-2763, e-mail:  

International Club (Huntsville campus) - To serve as a means of promoting unity, success and involvement for students. Sponsors - Lisa Callihan (256) 890-4994 (, Dr. Divya Pradhan (256) 890-4995 (, Dr. Sivajah Somasundaram (256) 890-4753 (, or contact:

IT Club of Calhoun Community College - To serve and provide, information, instruction and experience to IT club members that will advance and help them with their computer skills.  Sponsor- Dr. Charline Nixon, (256)890-4768.

La Vos/Spanish Club - To provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in the Spanish language and culture, to help students and the community understand and learn more about the Spanish cultures of Latin America, Spain, and the local Latino community.  This club is also organized to expand knowledge and appreciation of the language, customs, history, cultures, and social life of Spanish speakers through events, and to provide a safe and sober environment for students to engage in oral usage of the Spanish language.  Sponsor- Dr. Waymon Burke (256)890-4737.

Live United - The purpose of this group is to stimulate an appreciation for the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society, promote leadership and fellowship; to provide students at Calhoun with opportunities to contribute to society by giving back to the communities which they live in through volunteer service and community projects. To open lines of communication that will foster a high degree of service to and for the community through volunteer service by students, Calhoun faculty, and staff. Sponsor - Dr. Kermit Carter (256-306-2613),

MENC (Music Club) - acquaints students with the privileges, responsibilities, and leaders of the music profession.  Sponsor - Jim Crawley, 306-2691. Meeting dates and times: TBA.

Multidisciplinary Team Scholars Club (MOT Schol)- Seeks to foster a scholarly multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to examining social, health, and educational issues.  Members will engage in academic exploration, technology-assisted meetings and workshops, technology-assisted group discussions and related activities; which will prepare them for employment or advanced studies in helping professions.  Sponsor- Sara Sayle, (256) 890-4795.

Native Americans Club - This club is for students who are of Native American descent or for students who are interested in learning about the varied cultures that make up the Native American Community of North America. It is dedicated to preserving native American Heritage and educating the public at large about Native Americans and their rich cultural heritage. Sponsor: Keith Hallmark, 306-2652 and Dawn Hale, 306-2630. For meeting dates and times, please contact Dawn Hale at 306-2630.

Nursing Club - promotes citizenship, leadership and fellowship; encourages responsibility for maintenance of high ideals for the nursing profession; encourages future participation in professional nursing organizations.  Sponsors: David Welsh, 306-2988, e-mail:, Deby Lee, 306-2803, e-mail:  Meeting dates and times: TBA.

Optimist Club - This club provides hope and positive vision through the members.  This club will bring out the best in children, our members, and our community.  The club represents adults who are persons of good character from the business, social, and cultural life of the community.  Sponsor: Doug Brazier 256-713-4827 or

Phi Theta Kappa - ( See the Phi Theta Kappa website ) Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College.  Students who are enrolled (part-time or full-time) at Calhoun, have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and have already earned at least 12 semester hours creditable toward a two-year degree are invited at the beginning of each semester.  Phi Theta Kappa focuses on activities and events relating to our four hallmarks:  leadership, scholarship, service and fellowship.  Each member is encouraged to be active in our organization in order to gain servant leadership experience, widen the scope of his or her knowledge, increase competitive scholarship opportunities and fellowship with other Phi Theta Kappa members in the chapter, state, nation and across the globe.  Advisors - Ragan Chastain, (256) 890-4755 (Huntsville Campus), e-mail:; Necia Nicholas (256) 306-2845 (Decatur Campus), e-mail:  Meeting dates, times, and locations for both campuses will be announced at the beginning of each semester in the Phi Theta Kappa group in your Calhoun SPACE account.

Physical Therapist Assistant Club - To promote citizenship, leadership, and fellowship among the members of the organization, to encourage responsibility for maintaining the high ideals of the PTA profession, to encourage future participation in the professional PTA organization upon graduation, and to provide PTA student representation and communicate concerns to and from the college administration and faculty.  Sponsor- Tiffany Day, (256)260-2439.

Photography Club - The Calhoun Community College Photo Club meets monthly and features fun-filled activities for students with an interest in analog and digital photography. The club hosts special exhibits, seminars and gallery visits. Sponsor - Wes Torain, 306-2965.

Calhoun Rowing Club - This club supports the participation in, development and growth of, competitive rowing and sculling in the Tennessee Valley region of North Alabama and the Calhoun Community College with local support of the Rocket City Rowing Club.  Sponsor:  Valerie Cox 256-306-2445 or

Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD – English) (See the Sigma Kappa Delta website) - Sigma Kappa Delta is the National English Honor Society for students in two-year colleges and was created by Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society for university students.  Visit the website of Calhoun's Chapter of SKD, Theta Beta. Those who qualify are inducted by invitation.  The advantages of SKD include life-long recognition for academic excellence; a chance to qualify for scholarships and to publish; the opportunity to participate in activities that celebrate theatre, art music, reading, and writing; and a chance to attend conferences both locally and nationally.  Sponsors – Julie Sneed (306-2723) and Leigh Ann Rhea (306-2940).  Call for meeting times and locations.

SkillsUSA - SkillsUSA is a national organization serving high school and college students who are enrolled in training programs in technical, skills and service occupations, including health occupations programs and tech prep.  SkillsUSA has more than 300,000 members in 13,000 chapters and 53 state and territorial associations.  SkillsUSA was established in 1965 and has served more than 9.5 million students.  Sponsors:  Nick Agrawal (890-4751), Mark Rose (306-2814), Nina Bullock (306-2813) and Tad Montgomery (306-2669)

Student Art Club - The purpose of the Student Art Club is to provide a creative environment for all Calhoun students who wish to pursue, develop and utilize their artistic abilities. Sponsor - Kristine Beadle (306-2703) and Kathryn Vaughn (306-2695).

Student Government Association (See the SGA website) - represents student views to the college administration and coordinates and carries out the Student Activities program.  Officers and two senators are elected in March.  Senators are elected in September.  Applications to run for SGA may be acquired from the Student Activities Facilitator or SGA office.  The SGA President, Vice President, Secretary, and 2nd Vice President and Campus Coordinator  may be eligible for a scholarship, but awards must be made within scholarship policies at Calhoun.  See your advisor for more information. Calhoun Community College encourages student participation in institutional decision-making.  The Student Government Association represents student views to the college administration through representation on the Discipline Committee, Parking/Traffic Appeals Committee, as well as other special appointments.  Kelly Hovater, Sponsor - Student Activities Facilitator  (SA) (256-306-2640)

S.W.A.T Club - This club provides members with an opportunity to network with individuals who will enhance their knowledge of information technology and its related fields, as well as exploring career options in the information technology fields.  Sponsor:  Jack Renfro 256-306-2674 or

TRIO Club - Provides members an environment that fosters friendship and a spirit of understanding among all people for the diverse community in which we live; opportunities for community service; and the development of individual character and leadership skills. We seek to create a positive change in ourselves, our organization, and our community. To achieve these goals, all members are encouraged to take the initiative to lead and/or contribute to Calhoun Community College and their community. Sponsor - Letariel Jordan, (256) 306-2633,

Warhawks (Student Ambassadors) (See the Warhawks website) – The Warhawks are Calhoun’s official hosts and hostesses. They represent the college at official functions, give campus tours, host student and faculty receptions, represent Calhoun Community College at various high school programs, and lots of other exciting activities. It’s a great way to meet other students, faculty and administrators, and become involved in student activities. Some of the requirements for being a Warhawk are a positive attitude, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and 12 hours. Sponsors:  Janet Kincherlow-Martin, 256-306-2561, Lanita Parker, 256-306-2615. Meet every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., Decatur Campus Math/Science Building Conference Room; Huntsville Campus Administrative Conference Room.

Forming New Club - anyone interested in forming a new club should complete the "Official Petition for forming Organizations and Clubs" form. For more information, contact the Student Activities Facilitator, Kelly Hovater, (256) 306-2640, in the Chasteen Student Center on the Decatur campus.