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F.A.M.E. AMT Financial Aid

Students are responsible for tuition and fees at Calhoun Community College each semester. Over two years, students can earn as much as $33,500, which with planning can cover all of a student’s education expenses. There are also potential grants and financial aid.  The intent of the program is for students to graduate with no college debt.  For all practical purposes, students accepted into the program receive a $33,500 virtual working scholarship.

Students work three (eight hour) days a week at the sponsor company starting at $13.55 per hour. Raises are given based on grades and performance evaluations while working at the company.   By the end of the two year college phase, students may be earning as much as $14.80 per hour.  Students must maintain a “C” or higher in all classes to be retained in this selective program. Four times during the course of the program, students may receive four (4) tuition bonuses worth up to $500 each time (up to $2,000 total).