Adult Ed Bridge Program

The Bridge Program was designed with first time college students in mind. Bridge classes allow students to remediate or “refresh” in Math (MTH 098) and Language (ENR 094) skills and prepare for future credit-bearing classes.

Bridge classes are indeed “refresher” courses and move at an accelerated pace. There are several class options to choose from on both campuses. Attendance is strict and necessary. Therefore, these classes are not a good fit for every student. All of the specific class information is discussed thoroughly during the orientation/registration process.

Registration Information

Decatur and Huntsville Campus:

Test available by appointment only.

Bridge Online Registration

No Testing on Holidays

Please bring a picture ID, ACT/ACCU results, and plan on being there approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours. During registration, a required TABE assessment is administered. This test assists the instructors in making the right choice for your class placement. Adult Education is located in Building 9, Testing Center and Adult Education Bldg. Please be seated in the commons area and wait for the Test Administrator.