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Certified Logistics Technician

Close up of a group of workers working in a warehouseCLT is a nationally portable, industry-led program that prepares individuals for front-line material handling and supply chain logistics jobs in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. This online training program includes a stackable certification for employees with the 21st Century, in-demand skills needed for long-term career paths in over 5.8 million supply chain logistics jobs.

CLT is delivered and customized locally through 1,500 MSSC Centers with a network of over 2,300 Authorized Instructors at colleges, secondary schools, and other convenient locations.

Currently, Certified Logistics Associate training is offered by Calhoun Adult-Ed.

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Key Work Activities for Standards, Training and Assessments

Foundation-level Certified Logistics Associate(CLA)

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the various roles in the global supply chain logistics life cycle
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the logistics environment
  3. Operate and use equipment
  4. Practice safety principles
  5. Practice safety principles in the handling of materials and operation of equipment
  6. Practice quality control principles
  7. Employ work communication practices
  8. Practice teamwork and good workplace behavior to solve problems
  9. Use relevant computer systems and applications to increase productivity

Mid-level Certified Logistics Technician(CLT)

  1. Receive products
  2. Stock products
  3. Process product orders
  4. Prepare packages for shipment and ship products
  5. Maintain control of inventory
  6. Handle hazardous materials in a safe manner
  7. Evaluate transportation modes
  8. Perform dispatch, routing and tracking operations
  9. Understand U.S. measurements and metric system conversions