What Happens When I Pass the GED Test?

 Receive a Digital Transcript & Diploma

As soon as you pass the 2014 GED® test series, you will receive a secure, electronic PDF document delivered to your email that contains your transcript and diploma. You will have 60 days to download and save the documents. During the 60 days, you may download them seven times for free. Save the transcript to a computer, a flash drive, the cloud, etc.

The digital documents are OFFICIAL documents.  You can personally send them to colleges, training centers, employers, etc. without having to go through the GED testing office at Calhoun.

Order a Printed Diploma

You should order your printed diploma using your GED.com account.  The free diploma link will only be available until it has been used; it can only be used one time.

  1. Go to GED.com and log in
  2. Navigate to My Scores
  3. Select the Order Duplicates link
  4. Select Diploma option
  5. Select the Printed Diploma – Free option
  6. Fill in who and what address you want the diploma to be mailed to
  7. Carefully follow the instructions presented during the ordering process

Receive $650 (4 Credit Hours) College Tuition

Once you have successfully completed your GED test, you earn a 4-credit-hour scholarship that you can use toward college classes at Calhoun or any Alabama state community college.  If you want to attend school at Calhoun, take a copy of your transcript to the Business Office on either campus:

  • In Decatur – Business Office, Math Science Admin Bldg. 3rd Floor, 256-306-2540
  • In Huntsville – Business Office, Sparkman Bldg., Room 105, 256-890-4727

Transition Counseling

After receiving your GED, you can speak to an Adult Education Transition Counselor about college and career choices. Transition counselors can help you consider what to do next.

In Huntsville contact: Mary Lou Daniels – 256-713-4810, mary.daniels@calhoun.edu
In Decatur contact: Monica Sudeall-Hawkins – 256-306-2942, monica.sudeall@calhoun.edu

GED Graduation

Students passing the GED exam are eligible to participate in the GED cap-and-gown graduation ceremony held each year in May.  For more information, contact the Adult Education administrative assistant, 256-306-2830 or leonette.elkins@calhoun.edu.

Post-GED Opportunities

Having your GED can open many doors of opportunity for you.  Consider the following:

  • College degrees. Consider Calhoun’s many options.
  • Job Training. Calhoun’s Workforce Solutions offers non-credit training programs such as CDL Truck Driving, Industrial Training, or Healthcare Training. Visit the Workforce solutions website.
  • Alabama Certified Worker (ACW) Certificate. Alabama’s Ready-to-Work program provides a career pathway for adults with limited education and employment.  Earn entry-level skills required for employment with most businesses and industries in Alabama. Visit the Ready to Work website.
  • The Alabama Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) is a grant program that may provide financial assistance for training programs through Calhoun Workforce Solutions.  For more information, visit your local Alabama Career Center website
  • US Military Contact your local recruiter for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy service.