Athens State Fine Arts Scholarship

October 23, 2018

If you have a 2.5 GPA and transfer from Calhoun Community College to Athens State, take one of the classes on this list and the ACA Scholarship will pay the tuition. One class only. Limited to the first 50 students who enroll.

AR 300 Art Studio Critique
DR 319 Technical Theater
MU 300 Vocal Class/Lab
MU 302 Choral Class/Lab
MU 310 Digital Recording and Editing
MU 311 Foundations of Audio Technology
AR 300 Arts Studio Critique
AR 301 Painting
AR 312 Figure Drawing
AR 315 Topics in Ceramics
AR 331 Digital Photography
DR 333 Acting I
DR 310 Film
AR 331 Photography

For More Information or to Request a Scholarship Contact the Athens State Dean of Arts and Sciences: | 256-233-6502