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Calhoun EsportsNew for 2020, get in on the ground floor of an exciting new form of competition! Calhoun Community College is excited to be one of the first community colleges in the state of Alabama to offer this fast growing competitive and engaging program.

Esports is a part of Calhoun’s athletic program and there are several requirements that go along with this. Current Calhoun students, incoming freshmen, and transfer students are able to compete. Other requirements include eligibility requirements (GPA and full-time status), study hall, physicals, drug testing, etc.

Game studios are located in Noble Russel Hall room 115 in Decatur, and Sparkman Bldg. room 141 in Huntsville.

Calhoun currently has teams competing in Smash Bros. and Rocket League with the potential to compete in the following in Spring of 2021:

  • Overwatch
  • Smash Bros.
  • Rocket League
  • Fortnite
  • Rainbow 6: Siege
  • Hearthstone
  • CS:GO
  • Valorant
Interested? Let us know! Join the Calhoun Esports Discord and fill out the interest form below to be notified of try-outs, and other announcements as the program develops.

Esports Interest Form


  • John Gaines
    John Gaines
  • Wes Harris
    Wes Harris
  • Casey Knighten
    Casey Knighten
  • Tyler Andrews
    Tyler Andrews