The Business Administration program provides a solid foundation for students preparing to enter any business-related field. The curriculum develops critical thinking and decision-making capabilities as well as career-specific skills.

Students planning to transfer to a 4-year university should pursue the Business concentration in the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree. This provides a pathway toward a bachelor’s degree in any business field: accounting, economics, finance, human resources, international business, logistics, management, or marketing.

Our Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program provides career education for students who plan to enter, or improve their position in the workforce, in a business field, directly upon leaving Calhoun

Degree Options:

  • Transfer program: A.S. degree, with a concentration in Business (GBUS)
  • Career program: A.A.S. degree, with concentrations in Business Administration (BSAD), Accounting (BACT), Office Management (OFTC), or Paralegal (PRL)
  • Short-term certificates: Business, Tax Professional, Accounting Essentials, or Entrepreneurship.

Please refer to the current catalog for curriculum requirements for each degree option.

Business Careers

Check out career data based on the programs below:

AS Business Business Short Certificate AAS Business Administration Entrepreneurship Certificate AAS Office Management AAS Paralegal Studies