Calhoun Announces Results of Nursing Licensure Exams for 2018 Testing Cycle

February 18, 2019

Both Associate’s Degree Registered Nursing and Licensed Practical Nursing Students again outpace state and national passage rates.

Decatur, AL — Calhoun Community College officials today announced that the most recent graduates from the college’s Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) and Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) programs performed extremely well on their licensure exams, with both groups outpacing state and national passage rates.

According to Bret McGill, dean of Calhoun’s Health Sciences division, of the 127 registered nursing students taking the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) during the 2018 testing cycle, a total of 117 or 92.13% passed the exam on their first attempt, exceeding both the state (87%) and national (88.3%) rates. Calhoun’s 3-year average for passage rates for the ADN exam is 92.2%.

Calhoun LPN graduates had even more impressive results, with a perfect 100% passage rate from the 26 students testing, compared to the state average of 94.7% and the national rate of 85.9%. Three-year average for the college’s LPN graduates is 97.14%.

McGill attributed the impressive results to several factors. “We feel that changes made over the last several years in our program such as admissions standards, increased professional development for the faculty, and utilization of best practices in curriculum delivery and assessment from across the Alabama Community College System have contributed significantly to the continued gains we’ve experienced in our passage rates.”

“We are ecstatic with these most recent test results,” commented Calhoun Interim President Dr. Joe Burke. “We are so very proud of the outstanding performance of our students on their licensure exams and applaud the efforts of our nursing faculty and staff in training and preparing these students as they successfully enter the workforce,” added Burke.

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