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Calhoun Assists Students Financially Amid Pandemic With Scholarship Waivers

January 20, 2021

Calhoun Community College Interim President Dr. Joe Burke announced that the College is waiving the Pell grant requirement for the half-off tuition VISION scholarship for the spring semester.

In response to efforts to increase college enrollment impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Calhoun is offering a buy one, get one VISION Scholarship, which will provide students 50% off tuition during the spring semester only. “Our primary goal here at the College is to provide the means necessary for students to be successful during their enrollment at Calhoun”, commented Burke. “To do so, we hope by no longer requiring students to complete the FAFSA initially will allow us the opportunity to award more VISION scholarships to students this semester”, he added.

The pandemic has impacted students and their families in ways that may have disrupted saving and planning for college. The VISION Scholarship is the perfect opportunity to help those students get started, complete their degree, or get back on track. It is open to new students, current students as well as high school students participating in Calhoun’s Dual Enrollment Program. The scholarship will allow eligible students to receive up to an additional 9-credit hours tuition-free of charge. To learn more about the VISION scholarship, visit Delayed start classes for the spring semester begins March 8. Register today at

Vision Scholarship Feature Image