Gifts of Stock

Guide for Making Gifts of Stock to Calhoun Foundation

Calhoun Foundation is the bridge that unites the hearts of those with the capacity to help with those who need a helping hand.

  1. Contact the broker who holds your stock to let him/her know:
    1. Amount of stock you wish to give
    2. The date you wish to give the stock
  2. Provide your broker with the following information:Calhoun College Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2216
    Decatur, AL 35609
    Phone: 256-713-4823
    Fax: 256-890-4775DTC/ACATS Stock Transfer
    DTC# 0793
    Stifel Account: SX07 7514-7582
  3. Once you have made arrangements for your gift, please notify the Calhoun Foundation Office of the impending transaction. Please also let us know if your gift is designated for a particular program or is given in honor/memory of someone.

For assistance with making your donation to Calhoun, please contact Johnette Davis at 256-412-4088 or email