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Calhoun Launches Free Tuition Scholarship for Spring

November 6, 2020

Calhoun Community College is excited to announce a new buy one, get one VISION Scholarship offering students 50% off tuition this spring semester. “Higher education has taken a substantial hit with wide-spread enrollment declines across the nation due to COVID-19,” commented Dr. Joe Burke, Calhoun Interim President. “The reason is that many people have been financially impacted by the ongoing pandemic and may not have the means to pay for college expenses,” said Burke.

The scholarship derived from Calhoun’s Vision Statement, “Success for every student, the community, and the College”, which is also incorporated into the culture across all campuses. In an effort to fulfill that statement, the College has created the VISION Scholarship, which is designed to provide eligible students with a 50% tuition match. According to Dr. Alan Stephenson, Calhoun’s Vice President of Academics Affairs, “The great part is that no application is required for the scholarship. Eligible students will receive a 50% off credit towards every tuition dollar paid by them up to 9-credit hours.

“The community college system is designed to not only train the next workforce, but it is also looked upon to provide the necessary resources for individuals to participate in that training,” added Burke. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals who are interested in getting started by enrolling into college or for those who need to get back on track. “The scholarship is open to new or current students, as well as high school students participating in our Dual Enrollment Program,” added Stephenson. To learn more about the VISION scholarship, visit Spring semester begins January 11. Register today at

Vision Scholarship Feature Image