Calhoun to host ribbon-cutting event for new shelter for College’s Pre-Apprentice Lineworker Program

September 13, 2018

Decatur, AL – The Workforce Solutions department at Calhoun Community College will host a ribbon-cutting event this Friday, September 14, 2018, 10:30 am, to officially bring on-line a new shelter facility for students enrolled in the college’s lineworker program. The event will be held at the lineworker program instructional site, located at the intersection of Highway 31 North and Sandy Road, just across from Calhoun’s Decatur campus.
The shelter, the result of a generous donation from HDT Global, is among the company’s AirBeam®, Base-X®, and DRASH® shelters and is designed, engineered, and built to perform. Used in military, homeland security, disaster response, peacekeeping, commercial/industrial, and any other mobile infrastructure application, HDT shelters are engineered for rapid deployment and strike with state-of-the-art frame and textile components along with a wide range of features and accessories. According to the company’s website, HDT’s AirBeam shelter is the most advanced tactical shelter of its kind.
“I truly cannot adequately put into words how very appreciative we are at the extreme generosity shown by HDT by donating this shelter to our lineworker program,” remarked Courtney Taylor, director of Calhoun’s Workforce Solutions department.

“We initially visited with local officials with the company to discuss training opportunities we could offer through our department,” Taylor said. “Being knowledgeable about the company and its products, we briefly discussed with them our need for a shelter option for our program which will allow our students to be out of the elements during classroom instruction and breaks.

“Our hope was that they would help us to determine an affordable option we could purchase from the company. Little did we know that when they called us back for a follow-up meeting that they were gifting our program and students with this state-of-the-art shelter facility,” Taylor added.
Calhoun’s Pre-Apprentice Lineworker Program was structured with input from the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) Apprentice program, regional and statewide utilities, cooperatives, and electric contractors along with best practices from other lineworker training programs. The program is offered regionally and is based on industry need and demand.

The Pre-Apprentice Lineworker Training is an approved WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) training program. Students completing the program also receive OSHA 10-hour, First Aid/CPR Certification, Commercial Driver’s License certifications.

For more information on Calhoun’s Pre-Apprentice Lineworker program, visit the website at or call 256-306-2585.