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Calhoun Unveils New Esports Gaming Studio

September 22, 2020

Today, the Calhoun Community College Athletics Division unveiled one of its brand new esports gaming competition studios located in Noble Russell, room 115 on the College’s Decatur campus. The second studio is located in the Sparkman building, room 141 on the Huntsville campus. The studios will be the home to the seven members of Calhoun’s Esports team.

Calhoun’s maintenance department began working on the new facility before to the pandemic, and was able to complete it in May. The NJCAA has kicked-off the Esports Gaming Pre-Season and Calhoun’s team will compete later today at 5:00 pm. Competitions will take place in both studios as the team will play Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. “We don’t know who our team will compete against as the competitions are open to any two-year school that is a member of the NJCAA Esports Association,” commented Casey Knighten, Calhoun Esports Coach. “Our team could play against students in California or even New York, it all depends on who we are matched with by the NJCAA,” added Knighten.

According to Knighten, the pre-season is just for fun and is a great platform for new gamers to become comfortable competing on collegiate level. “We are excited to see our gaming facility come to fruition as well as to see students on campus having fun in some form or fashion,” commented Dr. Burke, Calhoun’s Interim President. “We hope the incorporation of this new facility will attract more students, as well as increase their engagement with the College,” he added.

“The studios are equipped with gaming chairs and monitors,” commented Wes Harris, Calhoun Esports Coach. “At this time, students are assigned to a gaming station and will use that station as well as their personal headsets and controllers throughout the season,” added Harris. The College is adhering to strict health protocols and measures to ensure all gamers are safe. After the use of each gaming station, the College’s janitorial staff will

sanitize the entire area. Gamers also have access to hand sanitizer in the studio and will adhere to social distancing while competitions are being conducted.

Calhoun will compete in the NJCAA’s regular esports gaming season, which is set to begin in October. The team will compete on Tuesdays, with its first tournament being held on October 6 on both campuses.

For students interested in competing and joining Calhoun’s Esports Gaming Team, visit

Esports team