Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register? What does it cost? Can I use financial aid?

Our Student services department will be able to answer all these questions. Check out the links below to find out more!

What courses can I take online?

Check out our current class schedule!

Fully online courses are marked with a ‘W’ in the section number. Hybrid courses are marked with a ‘H’. Hybrid courses will require you to come to campus part of the time. If the course has an ‘A’ or ‘B’ listed with it as well that means the course is a short-term course and will only run for half a semester.


SPH 107 W01 – This is an online, full semester course.

MTH 112 WA1 – This online course is only running the first half of the semester.

ART 100 HB1 – This hybrid course is only running the last half of the semester.

Can I take a face-to-face course as well as an online course?

Yes! We encourage you to build your schedule to fit your needs. Calhoun offers a variety of courses at a variety of times and locations.

Are Distance Learning classes more difficult than traditional classes?

Distance Learning classes are the same as classes conducted in a traditional classroom in terms of objectives, readings, and assessments. The primary difference between distance and traditional courses is the way the instruction in the class is delivered. Distance Learning classes offer greater flexibility for those students who work, have families, and take other classes.

What computer can I use?

While we do not recommend any specific computer, we have provided a list of elements a computer should have to work well for online courses. Take a look at our minimum technology requirements.

Will I need to come to campus?

For an online course, you should not have to come to campus. There are exceptions as some instructors require some proctored testing. To be sure, read the course notes for the courses when registering. Click on the CRN number in the class schedule to view these notes.

Hybrid courses do require time spent on campus. It will vary course to course. Some hybrid courses meet once a week and others meet a handful of times per semester. Again, this information will be included in the course schedule and the course notes.

How do I login to Blackboard?

You can login to Blackboard through MyCalhoun. Once you log into MyCalhoun then you can click on the Blackboard icon to be automatically logged into Blackboard.