Blackboard: Online Learning Environment

Blackboard allows students access to their online courses and some components of hybrid and traditional courses as well. Much like a traditional classroom, Blackboard offers features that allow students to learn course material through lectures and class discussion, to take exams through timed assessments or submitted assignments, and to interact with their teacher and other students through email and class discussion.

Logging in to Blackboard: How do I Access an Online Class?

You can login to the MyCalhoun portal to gain access to Blackboard as well as Banner Self Service and Calhoun Email. In Blackboard, you will see a list of the courses you have access to for the term. Click on the one that you wish to access.

Alternatively, you can access Blackboard directly. Your Blackboard username is your MyCalhoun A# (i.e., A012345678) and your initial password is mmddyy (date of birth).

Navigating Blackboard: How do I Move Around in an Online Class?

Becoming familiar with your Blackboard course and learning how your instructor has organized it is important. Your instructor will include the necessary information for you to get familiar with the course on the Course Information page. Make sure to check that out right away. If you have any questions about the course set-up and the course policies, you can contact your instructor.

Once you gain access to Blackboard as a student, you will be able to complete the Blackboard Student Orientation to help you navigate your online courses. The orientation has activities for you to complete. Once you complete the orientation, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that may be required for future courses.

Blackboard Features: What Instructional Tools Does an Online Class Use?

Some of the features that your instructor might use in a Blackboard course include:

  • Announcements: Your instructor alerts students to new and important course information. Announcements should be checked frequently.
  • Course Information (Syllabus): The Course Information page contains the syllabus, instructor contact information, course overview and much more. The syllabus is an important document and should be carefully reviewed at the start of the course. It lists course policies and important course schedule information.
  • Course Content: This is where your instructor will offer easy access to important course material. Although, courses may vary on how the material is organized, you will find information to various assignments, assessments (quizzes and test) and directions on how to submit your course work electronically.
  • Discussions: Many instructors use discussions to help enhance learning of course material. You can access the discussion questions and post your responses to them in this area of the course.
  • My Grades: Your instructor will post your grades under My Grades for you to view and monitor for the term.
  • Email: Blackboard allows students and instructor to email within the course itself. The emails will go straight to the selected Calhoun email address in Office365/Outlook.

Additional Resources: What other Blackboard Resources are available?

Other Questions: Who Else Can Help?

Course Questions: Contact Your Instructor

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