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This page is your source for getting started with Distance Learning at Calhoun!

Are you Ready to take an online course with Calhoun Community College?

Please take the following assessment to determine your readiness for an online course. Take Our Quiz!

Please review your results from the Readiness Assessment.

Your score was 75% or more, between 24-32 points out of a possible 32 points. Online courses are a real possibility for you, given your flexible educational preferences, learning styles and familiarity with computers.

Your score was (59-72%) between 19-23 points out of a possible 32 points. Distance Learning courses may work for you, but you may need to make some adjustments in order to succeed. It looks like you might work better when external organization is imposed on you.

Your score was (56% or less) between 1-18 points out of a possible 32 points. You may want to rethink your reasons for wishing to enroll in distance learning courses as you may find online courses a difficult challenge. You may find it difficult to keep up with your online assignments due to internet access, limited computer experience, time management skills or study habits.