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Dual Enrollment CNA Info Session


Nov 16, 2020


5:30 pm

ATTENTION: Students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, with counselor approval & interest in a healthcare career!

A Certified Nurse Assistant is a great entry-level position in the healthcare profession!

Dual Enrollment CNA can be the first step to becoming an LPN or RN and provide valuable hands-on, clinical experience. Working as a nursing assistant while a nursing student enhances your education because part of being a nurse does not come from a book but from experience and exposure to the healthcare field. A nurse needs all the skill of a nurse aide and even more. A good CNA has the foundation to make an awesome nurse. It is a great stepping stone into your career as an LPN AND RN.

EARN COLLEGE CREDIT AND A CREDENTIAL! Students who complete the Dual Enrollment CNA course with a passing grade of 75 are eligible for the state certification exam. As a DE CNA completer, you will have completed at least 75 hours of class instruction to include at least 16 hours of clinical time.

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DE CNA flyer