Fall Semester Plan 2020

At Calhoun Community College we are committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. This page outlines the operating plan for each individual department of the college for Fall Semester, 2020. Please check Calhoun.edu/coronavirus for updated information and resources to help you have a safe and successful Fall semester.

Most Calhoun classes will remain online only, with the exception of hands-on training and labs. Read each departments operational plan below.

Admissions & Records

Admissions & Records
The office of admissions is here to help you get started at Calhoun, and to help you graduate and transfer to other institutions.


Welcome! All first time students and returning students are required to meet with an advisor to ensure you are set up on the correct path to achieve your goals!


NOTICE: All orders must be placed online through the bookstore website. Students have the option to have their books mailed to their home or to pick-up from campus. If you choose to pick up your textbooks, you will need to wait until you receive an email stating “Ready for Pick up” before coming to the...

Distance Learning

Distance Learning
Fall Semester Plan: Distance Learning Calhoun offers over 80 online courses allowing students to complete the following degrees and certificates online! The class schedule for each semester will notate the distance learning courses that are available. Be sure to select “Distance Learning” as the campus when searching. Degrees & Certificates available online Associate of Science...

Financial Aid

Financial Aid
The purpose of the Financial Aid department is to help you pay for school! We will guide you every step of the way.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment
Fall Semester Plan: Dual Enrollment NOTICE: Currently the Dual Enrollment office staff are scheduling ALL student advising/registration appointments VIRTUALLY ONLY (by phone or video conference). To schedule a dual enrollment advising or registration appointment, please email either: Gwen Baker gwendlyn.baker@calhoun.edu or Heath Daws heath.daws@calhoun.edu. Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit is a program which allows eligible high school students...


With locations on both Decatur and Huntsville Campuses, we provide access to information and promote lifelong learning.

Class Schedules and Semester Information

Class Schedules and Semester Information
View the class schedule even if you're not a Calhoun student! We also list semester specific important dates, refund schedule and more on this page.


Health & Safety

Calhoun Community College will provide education for faculty, staff and students through a series of communications. Faculty and staff will receive educational safety training via video during the Professional Development activities scheduled for early August. Students will receive educational safety training information via the Syllabus, Calhoun’s website and in-class video instruction. All of these methods of communication will include protocol that has been put into place following guidance from ACCS and CDC.

Calhoun’s contract cleaners, ABM performs overall sanitizing/cleaning/disinfecting. They use the disinfectant Alpha HP. This chemical specifically lists on the label that it kills the Coronavirus. They are doing the same type of cleaning as before only a lot more of it. They use this disinfectant in two ways – in small confined areas that they use a spray bottle and rag to wipe down all hard surfaces and mist porous surfaces like carpet and fabric chairs. In large areas, they use an electrostatic mister which covers everything in a space. In highly used areas, they are cleaning 4 to 5 times daily.

Disinfecting and sanitizing materials will be distributed to each department for check out by Faculty to disinfect and sanitize classrooms after use. Keyboard covers have been ordered for use on computer keyboards. These covers can be sanitized. Students, faculty and staff will also be allowed to use their own disinfectant and sanitizing materials to sanitize their work area to meet with their comfort level.

Signage containing hygiene protocol is posted in all pertinent places in each campus building and for faculty, staff and students to review and adhere to the CDC guidelines for COVID-19.

Calhoun does not have any campus housing.

Gatherings are limited to one-third of normal capacity. This is for in-classroom instruction and also work areas. Rotating work schedules have been established within departments to limit the number of employees in any given area. Also, telework is available for those who can work effectively from home.

Faculty and staff are required to wear facial coverings when interacting with students and the public. Faculty and staff are also required to wear facial coverings when interacting with one another within six feet. Students are required to wear facial coverings when in class/lab sessions, interacting with instructors and interacting with one another. Wearing facial coverings is strongly encouraged for faculty, staff and students at all other times while on campus. If faculty, staff or students do not have a facial covering, one will be provided by the College. Facial coverings (disposable and cloth) have been distributed to every division of the College. All are encouraged and reminded via signage to wear a facial covering, wash hands regularly, use provided hand-sanitizer, and to not touch their face.

The College will follow reporting of positive COVID-19 cases and direct exposures to ACCS using the established notification processes. All faculty, staff and students with a positive COVID-19 result or those with direct exposure and under isolation will follow Memo 2020-EXE-065 policies as follows:

Persons arriving to campus/work WITH signs/symptoms of COVID-19

Should a faculty/staff or student arrive to campus/work exhibiting signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, and shortness of breath), institutions should ask the person to leave campus and consult a healthcare provider before returning to campus/work. Memor-EXE-016 (Sick Leave) will be utilized regarding the use of sick leave for employees.

Persons WITH Positive COVID-19 test results returning to campus/work:

The following CDC guidelines will be utilized when providing guidance to students, faculty/staff for returning to work and/or campus:

  1. Persons with COVID-19 who have symptoms and were directed to care for themselves at home may discontinue isolation under the following conditions:
    • At least 10 days have passed since symptom first appeared, and
    • At least 1 day (24 hours) have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptom (e.g., cough, shortness of breath)
  2. Persons with COVID-19 who have not had any symptoms and were directed to care for themselves at home may discontinue isolation under the following conditions:
    • At least 10 days have passed since the date of their first positive COVID-19 diagnostic test assuming they have not subsequently developed symptoms since their positive test. IF they develop symptoms, then the symptom-based strategy listed in 1. above should be used.

Persons with EXPOSURE to laboratory-certified positive COVID-19

Exposure is defined as close contact. Close contact is defined as within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes without an N-95 mask and includes hou8sehold contacts, intimate partners, and in-home caregivers, starting 2 days before symptoms appeared or specimen collection date (whichever was earlier). Distance could be longer and time shorter, depending on the exposure level and setting.

  1. Employee/Student is EXPOSED to someone with a POSITIVE COVID-19 Test AND the exposed individual has signs/symptoms of COVID-19
    • The person will be asked to leave campus and consult a healthcare provider before returning to campus/work
    • If person tests positive, then steps for persons with positive COVID-testing as outlined above will be followed.
    • The person may return when at least 10 days have passed since symptom first appeared and once 1 day (24 hours) have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath).
  1. Employee/Student is EXPOSED to someone with a POSITIVE COVID-19 test AND the exposed individual does NOT have signs/symptoms of COVID-19:
    • The individual is asked to self-quarantine for 14 days following the last exposure to the positive case, even if the individual obtains a negative test result (Viral and Antibody) or does not obtain testing at all. A negative test does not necessarily mean the person is negative or will remain negative. These individuals must complete the full 14-day quarantine period. If the individual tests positive during the 14-day quarantine period, the guidance above for persons with positive COVID-19 results would apply.

All students who attend in-classroom classes will sign a COVID-19 liability waiver.

Instructional Services

Modified Instructional Schedule – Calhoun Community College’s academic year will begin as scheduled on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. This start date includes synchronous and asynchronous online and hybrid instruction, as well as very limited face to face instruction. The methods of delivery vary based upon each individual department’s requirements to ensure student success. Each department has developed a plan to complete on-campus instruction before the Thanksgiving break. All faculty will establish or continue (for those who taught summer) virtual office hours for fall semester. The number of virtual hours will be required to be at least as many hours as the instructor would have been required to hold on campus. Faculty will be asked to hold virtual office hours both inside and outside the normal work week hours at times convenient for students. All faculty will be required to submit a weekly schedule showing their virtual office hours through their respective department chairs.

All syllabi for classes that will hold any face to face sessions during the fall semester will contain the following statement: In event Calhoun Community College should experience the need for all in-person classes to transition to remote instruction due to the pandemic or other event warranting the need for such plans, an addendum to this syllabus will be provided to students. This addendum will provide details pertaining to the College, department, and/or program’s remote instructional plan to complete the necessary theory, lab, and/or clinical to meet the course objectives necessary for successful course completion in a remote environment. For further information, please contact your course instructor at [instructor name and contact information will be included here].

A more detailed explanation for how this will be accomplished is provided below for each department.

Academic Divisions
Business and CIS

To minimize the probability of disruption and to promote managerial efficiency, the Business & CIS Division will offer a full complement of classes in synchronous and asynchronous online formats. Required lab work will be accomplished using the department’s Netlab+ system.

Math and Science

All classes in the Math and Science Division will be delivered fully online during the Fall 2020 semester. Some sections will offer a synchronous format with live streaming of lectures during designated days and times listed in the class schedule. Most instruction will be asynchronous using recorded lectures that can be completed on the student's own time schedule (no specific days or times listed with the class). Please note that some sections in the schedule are designated as hybrid classes based on earlier plans, but the division has also moved these classes fully online for fall in either the synchronous or asynchronous format. Students will complete all laboratory work online through computer simulations and other activities, so no on-campus meetings will take place for either lecture or lab. Please read the course comments for a particular class in the schedule for more details about the instructor's plans.

Humanities and Social Sciences

All Humanities & Social Sciences courses will offer as much as possible online, and all are prepared to move entirely online if required. Online courses will be synchronous or asynchronous. Students who do not have ready access to technology will be offered (by appointment only and on a limited basis) places for students to access their courses, including the Writing Centers on both Decatur and Huntsville campuses. Facial coverings for both students and faculty would be required, and social distancing of minimally six feet would be maintained.

A few courses will be offered in a hybrid format, which will allow the instructors to better meet the learning objectives of the courses, but plans will be maintained to move all instruction to online if necessary. The face-to-face portion of these classes will maintain a very low number of students in the classroom at any given time, limited to no more than one-third capacity, either because the class is small, or by splitting the class such that only part of the students come on a given day.

Health Sciences

All Health Science programs will utilize a hybrid instructional plan to include a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. Health Science programs include dental assisting, surgical technology, medical laboratory technology, nursing, physical therapist assistant, emergency medical services, and physical/heath education. All procedures for on campus access require intake questionnaire and temperature scanning, social distancing, facial coveriengs, and sanitizing areas between uses. All in-person activities will utilize classrooms and computer labs at less than 50% capacity to ensure that social distancing can be maintained at all times. Additionally, all on-campus activities will be completed by Thanksgiving for all Health Science programs.

Class: Class will start on August 19, 2020 and meet in hybrid format.

Lab: All lab/simulation activities will continue in the same manner as the summer semester to include limiting groups to 12 individuals or less. All faculty, staff, and students will maintain social distancing during the activities as much as possible. In addition, all faculty, staff, and students will be required to wear a facial covering while on campus participating in lab activities. Faculty, staff, and students will wipe down and disinfect each manikin after each use and faculty/staff will disinfect the lab upon completion each day.

Clinical: Clinical hours will be completed in a combination of direct care hours as allowed by hospitals and clinical agencies, simulations on campus, case study prework with virtual post-conference discussion and third party virtual software to complete 100% of required hours.

Testing: Health Sciences programs will utilize a combination of online testing, as well as some on-campus testing. All safety precautions will be followed for any on-campus testing.


The Technology Division is in the process of transitioning all theory components of instruction to an online format. This will be complete by start of the fall semester. The lab portions of our programs are slowly moving to online, where applicable. Faculty are working with students, adjusting grading plans and assignments to ensure that students have every opportunity for success while maintaining course rigor.

Administration and staff will work to maintain the business of the division. Any function that can be will be handled in a remote format. All hands-on laboratories will continue to function as they are for summer, in that a limited number of students will be allowed into laboratories to complete skills, while observing all social distancing and disinfection guidelines.

The FAME, EPIC and AMP programs are work/study programs where the students work for a sponsoring company three days per week and attend class two days per week. The FAME classes are primarily held at the Robotics Technology Park (RTP) in the Advanced Manufacturing Center. The EPIC classes are held in the Center for Applied Technology (CAT) building on the Calhoun Campus and the AMP classes will be held in either the Machine Tool building or the ATC building.

Work Guidelines

The students will follow the safety guidelines for the company where they work. If the companies determine that it is not safe for the students to attend work or if the students are determined to be non-essential then they will not attend work on their normally scheduled days until they are recalled by the company.

School Guidelines

If in person classes resume in the Fall Semester, each student shall submit to having their temperature checked at the beginning of the day. Social distancing must be maintained in the class and each student must provide and wear their own mask. Students will perform hands own labs in shifts as the availability of training equipment and social distancing guidelines allow.

If in person classes are not resumed in the Fall Semester or stopped at any time in the Fall Semester then the lecture portion of all classes will be conducted virtually using a platform similar to Blackboard Collaborative, Zoom or MS Teams.

The hands on labs will be offered on campus or at the RTP following social distancing guidelines. Students must sign the Covid waiver form before they are allowed to come onto campus for the labs. A virtual alternative will be offered to students who decline to sign the waiver. The in person labs will be conducted with a maximum group size of ten students and limited to allow the students to work a minimum of six feet apart. Each cohort will be split into a morning and afternoon group to conduct the labs in order to meet the maximum group size.

Students will be screened for fever using a forehead thermometer, must provide and wear a mask and will be questioned regarding their exposure to Covid before they are allowed into the training areas. The FAME students will follow the RTP guidelines and will not attend hands on labs if the RTP is closed due to positive cases or the need to sanitize the buildings.

All testing will be conducted online to minimize the amount of time the students are required to be on campus.

L.C.F. Programs

All Programs (Drafting, Welding, Horticulture, Construction, Masonry, and Electrical):

All students at LCF will attend face-to-face classes as scheduled starting July 20, 2020 based on ADOC scheduled educational start date. Educational instruction and labs will transition to selfpaced, where applicable, to limit the amount of contact between students and faculty. If this method of instruction is not applicable, proper safety precautions will be demonstrated in faceto-face instruction. These proper safety precautions will include, but not be limited to: wearing of facial coverings by all students, faculty, and staff; social distancing; and, sanitizing of work areas multiple times each day. All provided incompletes from the previous semesters will be changed to the grade the student earned upon completion of missed coursework and labs.

If ADOC eliminates face-to-face education once more, we will revert back to the Spring/Summer 2020 plan: All students were provided study material, course instruction, and test material for the theory portion of coursework twice a month. Upon return to face-to-face instruction, all provided study material will be reviewed by instructor to answer any outstanding questions/concerns. All missed lab instruction will be integrated into courses and graded accordingly. All provided incompletes will be changed to the grade the student earned upon completion of missed coursework and labs during the Fall semester (2020).

Calhoun Workforce Solutions (Workforce Development)
Pre-examination COVID-19 Screening
  • All persons are expected to monitor their own health to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Individuals must self-screen for COVID-19 prior to coming to the Community College campus.
  • An individual should consult a doctor if showing symptoms or answering "YES" to any of the following screening questions.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay using a credit card to limit interaction/exposure. The college accepts online payments only.

Pre-Training Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/mnT2pbjQN8v2239i8
NOTE: A "YES" response or temperature above 100.4 will prevent the participant from attending the training session.

  • Contact Information:
  • Name & Address
  • Have you had a fever in the past 24 hours? Yes or No
  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days? Yes or No
  • Have you been on a cruise in the last 14 days? Yes or No
  • Have you been around anyone that has been sick or had a fever in the last 14 days? Yes or No
  • Have you been told that you have to self-monitor in the last 14 days? Yes or No
  • Temperature Check: Below 100.4 Above 100.4


Campus Protocol:
  • Where possible, all theory or classroom style instruction will occur remotely or by ACCS COVID-19 protocols for social distancing and masking.
  • Labs, validations, and skill assessments will be held in-person per ACCS COVID-19 protocols for social distancing and masking..
  • Open-enrollment courses will be marketed with the intended methods of remote instruction and in-person labs/validations.
  • Instructor will verify the Pre-Training Questionnaire has been completed by the participant
  • Participants who have had a positive COVID-19 test will be required to present a negative COVID-19 response
  • Prior to entering the training area, the instructor will take the participants temperature with a Jumper infrared thermometer to determine if the on-site temperature is at or above 100.4 degrees. IF the temperature is at or above 100.4, the participant will not be allowed access.

__ 100.4 or higher __ Below 100.4

  • The individual will be asked to leave the premises and may attempt to return by going through the same above procedure after being “fever-free” for 24 hours once the fever breaks.
  • If an individual is asked to leave due to having a fever, the program administrator will be notified so this can be documented. The program administrator will notify their direct supervisor so an individual may not try to gain access at another location. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. INFORMATION WILL ONLY BE SHARED WITH APPROPRIATE COLLEGE STAFF AS REQUIRED.
  • Instructor(s) will determine if the individual has a mask. If not, a disposable mask will be provided to the individual.
Off-Campus Protocol
  • Calhoun Workforce Solutions will maintain ACCS COVID-19 related protocols for all off-campus instruction or validation.
  • Instructor will verify the Pre-Training Questionnaire has been completed by the participant.
  • Participants who have had a positive COVID-19 test will be required to present a negative COVID-19 response.
  • Prior to entering the training area, the instructor will take the participants temperature with a Jumper infrared thermometer to determine if the on-site temperature is at or above 100.4 degrees. IF the temperature is at or above 100.4, the participant will not be allowed access.
  • The individual will be asked to leave the premises and may attempt to return by going through the same above procedure after being “fever-free for 24 hours once the fever breaks.
  • If an individual is asked to leave due to having a fever, the program administrator will be notified so this can be documented. The program administrator will notify their direct supervisor so an individual may not try to gain access at another location. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. INFORMATION WILL ONLY BE SHARED WITH APPROPRIATE COLLEGE STAFF AS REQUIRED.
Protective Equipment, Washing and Sanitizing Protocols
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Instructors will maintain a minimum six-foot radius from the applicants as much as practical.
  • Instructors will wear protective items that include facial coverings and gloves when working within a six-foot radius of a student.
  • Instructors will wash or disinfect their hands immediately when they remove their glove
  • Instructors will sanitize/wipe the training items after being used.


Evaluations/Testing Scoring
  • Applicant testing will be scored on PAPER score sheets by the instructor for most all of the CWS programs; remote testing is limited due to the nature of CWS programs being largely “hands on”
  • Paper Tests will be maintained in the program off ice, and a copy will be scanned to the record of the student
  • For open enrollment and customized training evaluations, participants will be required to complete hands-on evaluations wearing face coverings and gloves during the activity; Instructors will wear face coverings and maintain appropriate social distancing during the validation unless brief closer visual distance is required.


Customized Training for Business & Industry
  • Customized training will continue according to the ACCS COVID-19 protocols and campus openings
  • Should the College be required to close due to the pandemic, training will cease until it is safe to resume
  • All contracts, Statement of Wok, Memorandums of Understanding and related contractual documents will reflect this policy as of July 20, 2020
  • Calhoun Workforce Solutions will require use of Calhoun’s Off-Campus Protocol including the Pre-Training Questionnaire used for all other campus instruction and validations, temperature screenings, and documentation for training completed at an outside company’s site, unless that company’s protocol is more stringent and then we would follow their policy.
Adult Education Program: Fall Hybrid Learning

Our group knows that keeping in touch with our students is job number one, so our instructors are using a variety of ways to reach out to their students

  • Remind
  • Group Me
  • Facebook messenger
  • Google messenger
  • Facetime
  • Skype
  • Simple texts
  • Phone Calls
  • meetings by appointment


Learning Platforms

We will continue to use a variety of on-line learning platforms that address all levels

  • Fast Forward
  • Kahn Academy
  • ACT software
  • org
  • org
  • March2Success (ASVAB)
  • GED Academy
  • Key Train
  • Aztec
  • You Tube Videos
  • Career Coach
  • Amtrol (for MSSC students)
  • Career Connections
  • Ready to Work for our RTW students
  • Burlington English
  • VOXY
  • Read Works
  • Essential Education
Learning Shells & Live/Hybrid Learning

The learning shell gives our instructors a place to upload everything their students will need, and the live/hybrid learning situation will bring our students back to the classroom.

  • Blackboard
  • Google Docs
  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Face to face classroom setting with social distancing protocols and personal protection


Subject Learning Packets

Paper and pencil delivery is preferred for some of our student populations. This procedure will continue into the Fall so that all student needs are met.

  • Instructor created packets
  • Consumables on every subject and level
  • Some instructors allowed students to take home older books


Continuity of Services

Adult Education has online enrollment and TABE testing. We will open our classrooms with the Fall semester utilizing social distancing and personal protection protocols for instructors and students. This will be followed with strict class cleaning protocols for the instructors. The Adult Education webpage will reflect whether to return to class or remain online. Return to campus is based on EXE-048 Memo. The maximums on room occupancy will be upheld

Director Connectivity to Staff/Instructors

The Director is maintaining contact with all staff and instructors through the following means:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Live Binder (hosting forms/information)
  • Calhoun Adult Education Web Page


Compilation of AAESAP information

The AAESAP specialist is working with the teachers to keep contact hour and other essential information up to date. Contact hours are being collected per OCTAE guidelines and in the following manner: time clock model, teacher verification model, and learner mastery model.


GED and MSSC testing have returned and occupancy is based on social distancing. TABE, GED practice, WorkKey testing has returned by appointment only.

Director Connectivity to State

It is important that our program stays connected with the State Program.

  • General Program Guidance Documentation
  • SLACK Chat Room
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Online Learning Resource Link in AAESAP
  • Online Employment Resource Link for Students in AAESAP ZOOM Meetings

Adult Education has remote proctored testing and paper testing for TABE enrollment testing. GED testing is in person, by appointment with no remote proctoring. GED4ME testing is being done with remote proctoring and in person by appointment. WorkKeys testing is in person by appointment with no remote proctoring.

The Adult Education program will be following the same protocols at off-site classrooms as are followed on Calhoun’s campus, unless the off-site location’s protocols are more stringent than Calhoun’s, in which case would follow the more stringent protocol. They will have 1/3 of their seats filled with the remaining students online. Every student will be asked the five evaluation survey questions and sign the Student Liability Waiver form on their first day in class. The students’ temperature will be checked upon entrance each day of class.

Student Services

The Student Services division remains laser focused in providing continued student centric services during these unprecedented times. These services are comprised of Admissions and Records, Recruiting and Outreach, Advising and Retention, Financial Aid, ADA/Mental Health, Testing/Assessment, Career Services, Athletics, Student Life/Activities, and Student Advocacy. This plan includes suggested guidance and consideration for Student Services (i.e. detailed provisions for all key areas operations, plans to handle services remotely to limit office visits, infusion of the website to serve students efficiently, and incorporation of safety and enhanced cleaning/PPE protocol). Student Services will assist our students by phone, email or online. We are excited that these approaches are multi-faceted (i.e. Zoom/Microsoft Teams, social media such as Instagram/TikTok, website/QR codes/electronic forms, emails, call center to handle high call volumes for Admissions and Financial Aid) while practicing CDC guidelines of social distancing for staff and for students when an in-person contact is imperative.

Admissions and Records

Applications/Admissions Email/Communications/Transcripts/Withdrawals:
Communications are electronic, and mainly in the form of emails and phone calls. The phone calls are handled primarily by the Ed Financial Call Center.


The CCC website has and will continue to have and promote the “Contact Admissions” link to all students and prospective students. Should the need arise; students will be able to utilize the Acuity software to make appointments for phone calls and online meetings with Admissions staff.


Frequent cleaning of workstation and front counter surfaces are being currently practiced. This will continue under the “modified access” model (student in-person visit is imperative), with detailed cleaning of all surfaces shared during student interactions. All staff and students will be required to wear facial coverings during every in-person interaction. Social distancing with students will be practiced as much as possible. In addition, any employee who may be exposed to the virus will be required to work exclusively on a remote basis for 14 days.

Advising and Retention


Continue to refer first time students, continuing students, and returning students to email their advisor or advising@calhoun.edu.

Advising Overrides and Removal of Holds:

Advisors will continue to remove holds and add overrides to remove student registration barriers.


Students will have online access to their degree audit and plan of study.

Student Videos:

  • Created: “How to” videos for students on topics that are usually covered during an advising session. The six videos created are:

o How To Register/How To Read Your Schedule/How To Use DegreeWorks/How To Use The STARS Guide/How To Navigate The MyCalhoun Portal/How To Pick Your Major, AAS vs AS.
We are emailing the videos to students and have them posted on the website.


  • (pre- semester start connection with students)

We are currently planning a fully online Connect session for students. This is a valuable event for our first time freshman in the fall and we believe that we can still deliver a quality program online.

Freshman Seminar (ORI105 and ORI110) Classes:

  • We will transition all of our Freshman Seminar classes for the fall semester to an online format. We believe that we will be able to effectively meet the course outcomes while providing a safe environment for our students.


Advisors will continue to send weekly emails to their assigned students. These messages will include information on withdrawal date for summer, important dates for fall semester, resources, and final exams. Advisors can answer questions via email and/or on Instagram.

On Campus Visits/Interactions:

We will continue to assist ALL students remotely. All advisors have sneeze guards at their desks and facial coverings for when they move about the office. When students are able to return to campus, we will require they have an appointment so that we can control the number of people in the office. Those that cannot get an appointment will still be served remotely.

Cleaning and PPE:

Office staff will sanitize commonly used surfaces such as interior door handles, copier and other office equipment at least once per day and more frequently if needed. Office staff will wear facial coverings in campus common areas and when interacting with other individuals in the office. Additionally, six feet of social distance will be maintained, whenever possible. Office staff will not share workstations (desks, computer, and phones).


The CCC website has and will continue to have and promote the
“Advising@calhoun.edu” link to all students and prospective students. Students will be able to utilize the Acuity software to make online appointments with Advising staff.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid employees are staying abreast of the day-to-day. Financial Aid personnel will be able to continue to keep up with student needs effectively online.

  • Verification
  • Appeals
  • Loans
  • R2T4
  • VA
  • Withdrawals
  • Scholarships
  • Work-Study
  • Disbursements
  • End of term processing Non-attendance deletion


  • Emails – All Financial Aid employees can monitor the FinAid email account and the Financial Aid Staff email account remotely and respond accordingly and timely. Financial Aid information will be disseminated through an automatic process that runs daily.
  • Phone Calls – The EdFinancial Call Center continues to service the students through phone calls. The Financial Aid Assistant Director can remotely monitor call escalations from the Call Center through the EdFinancial SharePoint website and will ensure a timely response.


  • The CCC website has and will continue to have and promote the finaid@calhoun.edu link to all students and prospective students for assistance. All Financial Aid employees can monitor finaid@calhoun.edu and the Financial Aid Staff email account remotely and respond accordingly and timely. All Financial Aid related information on the Calhoun website is accurate and up-to-date. Contact information and general instructions are easily accessible.

Interaction/Office Visits:

  • The Financial Office will provide as many services as possible through online, email, or remote processes. Financial Aid will provide appointment only office visits for processes that cannot be completed remotely, in a student friendly manner, with ease of access and timely responses.

PPE/Safety protocol:

  • The Financial Aid Office has implemented safety protocols and procedures when office visits are necessary: social-distancing protocols, protective barriers, hand sanitizing stations, and restricted number entering the office.
  • Enhanced and increased levels of cleaning will be performed to mitigate the risk of

COVID-19 transmission. This will be performed in the employee’s work area, in all common areas, and in high-touch surfaces. Calhoun has provided hand sanitizer, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and facial coverings.

  • Signage has been posted within the Financial Aid Office regarding hand hygiene, signs/symptoms of COVID-19, and social distancing reminders.
Office of Student Disability Services/ADA

ADA Services

While both offices will be open, all attempts will be made to provide full services to students and visitors via phone calls and email. Office staff will schedule on-campus appointments if they determine that no other communication methods can satisfy the student/visitor needs. Staff will work with IT/Public Relations to develop fillable versions of all current forms. The staff will maintain the current processes for processing and distributing ADA services requests to students and faculty.

Mental Health Services

Individual personal counseling sessions will continue one day per week on both campuses. When scheduling appointments, students will be offered the option of a face-to-face observing ACCS and CDC safety protocols or telephone session.


All ADA forms are currently posted and downloadable from the office webpage, ada@calhoun.edu. Any changes to the office operational plan will be posted on the office webpage.

Testing (Office Visits)

Testing rooms will be open by appointment only for ADA students who request individual testing rooms. Each room will be sanitized when a student checks in so that the student may observe the sanitization and request additional sanitization, if needed.
On-campus testing will continue as long as the campus is open to the public.

PPE/General cleaning & safety protocol:

Office staff will sanitize commonly used surfaces such as interior door handles, copier and other office equipment at least once per day and more frequently, if needed. Office staff will wear facial coverings in campus common areas and when interacting with other individuals in the office. Office staff will maintain social distance in the office and wear facial coverings when in campus common areas or interacting with office visitors. Office staff will not share workstations (desks, computers, phones).

Remote transition plan

All electronic files will be maintained on the office shared drive. In the event that the campus transitions to fully remote operations, the director will be able to access shared files via VPN. All office staff will be prepared to check email and voicemail daily from remote locations and return phone calls via Google Voice. Counseling services would also return to phone sessions only.

Testing Center


Academic Testing:

Academic Testing will continue online through the fall 2020 semester using HonorLock or other online proctoring tools. Online appointments are encouraged. On campus appointments are only for exams not available online or through a remote option.


Seven Zoom Pro accounts were purchased to allow the Testing Staff to proctor five students remotely per session. Testing Center is working remotely using Microsoft Teams to get student’s in for testing as soon as possible once vouchers are created and sent to the Testing Center from Advising and Dual Enrollment. These departments provide a daily list of students who need testing, the list is uploaded in the Microsoft Teams, and the proctors (working remotely) take the student’s name from the list and call to schedule a time for proctoring services.
Part-time staff will continue to work remotely to proctor Accuplacer sessions on a one to one basis.

Industry Testing

We are working with industry partners to provide remote plant site testing with proper supervision from the company.


Continue to check the college mail each week on Monday and Wednesday at each campus. All full-time employees are monitoring phone calls and emails constantly to ensure students receive a response in a timely manner.
All testing center information about its services can be found on the College’s website.

PPE/Enhanced Cleaning

Testing Center staff will take additional measures to sanitize the office area. Staff members will wear PPE (facial coverings and gloves will be worn when making contact with students) and practice social distancing.
Testing Center will provide signage along with verbal instructions for students to follow to ensure compliance.
Hand sanitizer stations are at the building main entrance, and in each room of the Testing Center.

On campus testing protocol Preparation:

  • Every-other chair has been removed in testing rooms, which places seats six feet or greater from each other within each row.
  • Any rows that are closer than six feet to each other, we will assign seating to every-otherrow.
  • Testing stations have highly visible numbers.
  • The proctors will be assigned temporary “base” locations to maintain distance from each other.
  • Test materials will be prepared and placed at stations prior to student arrival.
  • Tape will be placed to mark six foot distance outside entrance doors in case students arrive at the same time.


Check-in plan:

  • Student will complete the student liability waiver upon entry to campus/building.
  • Students will enter through main entrance to pass by hand sanitizer in building center.
  • Online registration forms will be used to prevent passing of paper forms.
  • Testing Staffer will work with students on an appointment only basis. No walks in will be allowed.
  • Any student who has not previously submitted a liability waiver will be given the opportunity to complete one.
  • Any student arriving without a facial covering will be provided one.
  • Students will be assigned an entrance door and be reminded to maintain social distance of six feet from other candidates and staff.
  • Students will place their belongings in individually designated areas or will be asked to keep them in their vehicle.
  • Students will use the clean computer at their test station to sign in to Registerblast.
  • Students will be provided gloves and asked to wipe down their seating area prior to leaving their seat.


  • Students testing on campus will leave their completed materials on their desk.
  • Students will collect their belongings and be dismissed one at a time.
  • Staff (gloved) will collect testing materials.
  • Sanitizing protocol implemented.


Career Services

Operations: Instruction and Student Services


  • Students will complete student liability waiver upon entering campus/building.
  • Face-to-Face instruction of ORI 105 – Career Exploration o Safety guidelines and PPE expectations will be communicated to students in class as well as through online announcements.
    • Sanitizer will be available, and students will social distance themselves and use facial coverings.
    • Supported content through Blackboard, including Blackboard Collaborate. o Instruction can be converted to online if necessary. o Faculty will be available by appointment or through email during normal business hours.
  • Online instruction of all co-op courses o Co-op courses will continue in their online format. o Updates regarding safety guidelines and PPE expectations will be communicated through Blackboard announcements and via Remind text messages.
    • Faculty will be available by appointment or through email during normal business hours.

Student Services

  • Resume review, mock interview, career advising, and co-op inquiry appointments will continue to be available o Virtual appointments will be encouraged. o Limited face-to-face appointments will be available as guidelines allow. Social distancing, proper PPE, students will complete student liability waiver and cleaning procedures will be followed by staff and visitors.
  • As long as guidelines allow, we plan to host our Manufacturing Job Fair on the Decatur Campus in September
    • Safety practices including distancing, PPE, sanitizing stations, and temperature checks will be in place in an effort to keep all participants healthy.
  • Present in classes at the request of faculty in-person or in a virtual environment.
  • Facilitate work-based learning opportunities as industry allows.
  • Continue with employer outreach and engagement strategies as industry allows.  Promote current positions and networking events through our weekly “Hiring Events” email.
  • Conduct professional development and career readiness workshops with limited participation and following safety protocol.
  • Participate in related staff trainings and professional development.

In the event the College closes in any capacity, our staff is prepared to shift all services listed above to a virtual format, with the exception of the Manufacturing Job Fair. If that event is canceled in September, we will confer with registered employers to determine next steps.


  • Students, employers, and community members will receive up-to-date communications from career services via phone, text, email, social media, and through the career services website.
Recruiting Outreach Plan

Events (Recruitment and Outreach Events)

The Recruiting Team will continue to host Zoom Information Sessions in conjunction with various departments to keep students engaged. Below are the current events planned to recruit and transition students for fall term and during the fall term.

  • Virtual Campus Preview Day
  • Applying for Calhoun Scholarships
  • Ways to Pay for College – Grants, Scholarships, and More!
  • Next Steps for Admitted Students - Calhoun Admissions, Advising, & Financial Aid
  • Major Decisions Workshop
  • Student Life at Calhoun

The Recruiting Team will host open virtual Q&A sessions each afternoon T-Th to be available to students needing direction and wanting to find out more about the college.

  • Campus Visits/Group and Individual Campus Tours

We will offer campus tours in a virtual format utilizing Zoom for groups, industry, educators, and potential students. We will do this with live presentations, videos of various programs that have already been created, and student panels. We will use a QR code/website for students to complete their interest cards to go paperless. We will send every student a viewbook digitally as well.

  • ALACRAO College Fairs

Team will attend college fairs in the fall in person or virtually. The Outreach Advisors will wear facial coverings and observe social distancing. We will use a QR code/website for students to complete their interest cards to go paperless. We will send every student a viewbook digitally and allow them to pick one up from the table.

  • High School Recruiting and Events

Team will work with counselors to see how best to help students at individual schools with their College and Career goals whether in person or virtually as allowed by the local educational agency. The Outreach Advisors will wear facial coverings and observe social distancing. We will use a QR code/website for students to complete their interest cards to go paperless. We will send every student a viewbook digitally and allow them to pick one up from us as well.

  • FlexFactor

Will host 16 iterations (classrooms) in the fall with Madison City and Decatur City
Schools. We will offer these in the classroom for Decatur City and Madison City is TBD. The FlexFactor Coordinator will wear a facial covering and observe social distancing. We will use a QR code/website for students to complete their interest cards to go paperless. We will send every student a viewbook digitally and allow them to pick one up from us as well. College Days and Industry Days will likely be offered in a virtual format. If in person all students will be required to wear a facial covering, temperatures taken, and distanced while at the event. Students will be brought in small groups to be able to socially distance. These events can be done virtually in collaboration with LEA.

  • Manufacturing Day

We will host a day to expose students to manufacturing careers in North Alabama and the educational pathways to those careers. This event will likely be offered in a virtual format. If in person all students will be required to wear a facial covering, temperatures taken, and distanced while at the event. Students will be brought in small groups to be able to socially distance.

  • FlexFactor Manufacturing Day for FlexFactor Students

We will host a day to expose all FlexFactor students to manufacturing careers in North
Alabama and the educational pathways to those careers. This event will likely be offered
in a virtual format. If in person all students will be required to wear a facial covering, temperatures taken, and distanced while at the event. Students will be brought in small groups to be able to socially distance.


  • TargetX

TargetX will be fully re-integrated with Banner to hold all prospective and applicant student data. This will also allow automated emails and texts to students to increase communications and enrollment. The Outreach Team will utilize TargetX for daily recruitment to reach out to students who have completed interest cards and applied to the college.

The Recruiting Team have a Google Text account and will continue to promote for students to text their FAQs. The Google Voice text and call capabilities will protect our personal cell phone numbers while recruiting remotely.

  • Counselor Communication:

The Recruiting Team will stay in touch with territory counselors via email and text about the Admissions process, Zoom 1:1 meetings, Zoom events, scholarships, deadlines for FAME/EPIC/AMP, and Calhoun updates.

  • Emails/Texts:

Emails and texts will continue to be sent to all prospective and applicants about the Admissions process, Financial Aid, and registration opening. These texts encourage them to reach back out for help.
These are automated through CampusCast for bulk emailing and texting. Recruiters use Google Voice, Outlook, and TargetX to text and email students. TargetX will continue to automate emails to those that inquire via the website and those who inquired throughout the year to recruit.

  • Phone Calls:

Phone calls will be made weekly to congratulate applicants and help them through the
Admissions process and to connect them to our resources – Admissions, Financial Aid, ADA, and Advising. Calls will also be made to prospective students to help them learn more about Calhoun programs and the Admissions process. Various departments have joined us in making phone calls.

  • Videos:

The recruiters will make a series of videos with the Admission steps and FAQs along with our Google Text information to share. These short videos will be sent to local high school counselors, teachers, community partners, and directly to potential students and applicants.

  • Print Media:

We will continue to bulk mail for fall and spring enrollments, to current inquires, applicants, and those we are actively re-recruiting.

  • Social Media:

Will continue to work closely with PR to create TikTok videos and content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Future Collaboration

  • Virtual Tours

PR is working to create an online virtual tour to be placed on the website, social media, and to send to prospective students and applicants via email and text.

Student Activities/Life/Engagement

Hawk’s Lounge

  • We will have 3-4 work-study students to monitor number of students entering and signing-in to the lounge area with sanitization protocol practices.
  • Entrance “only” door and Exit “only” door will be marked
  • One student per table
  • Two students per sitting area
  • All areas will be sanitized frequently
  • Total capacity of 12 students in the Hawks Lounge at one time (normal capacity up to 50)
  • No coffee maker or table games will be available to students
  • All furniture in sitting areas located in the first floor lobby of the Math, Science, and Administration Building will be spaced 6 feet apart. Signage that includes directives of six feet distancing, facial coverings, and hand hygiene protocols will be posted in each area.

Food Vendors

  • No food vendors for fall semester

Student Activities/Clubs/Organizations

  • SGA meetings, club meetings, and student activity council meetings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or in person with social distancing, facial covering, and strict hand hygiene protocols.
  • Any student activity events will carry on as usual with six feet social distancing practices, facial coverings, and strict hand hygiene protocols. Events will be hosted outdoors, when possible. If needed, events may be hosted virtually.
  • Blood drives will be hosted in Blood Mobiles only. No indoor blood drives. Recruiting Assistance
  • Calhoun Cares Committee members are using call lists to reach out to first time students for fall semester 2020 and spring semester 2021.
  • July and August Instant Admissions – recruit fall semester club members, make students aware of social media platforms, and engagement events (DEC and HSV SGA Presidents/officers will participate).

All athletic activities will follow ACCS and AJCAA guidelines.

Campus Arrival

All athletes/coaches will be provided a facial covering, will sanitize regularly, practice social distancing and submit to temperature screening at all campus activities.

  • Monday, August 17th – First time Freshman Athletes return to campus for Freshman Seminar. 8/17 8:00AM – 11:30AM; 8/18 1:00PM – 4:30PM
  • All athletes will meet with coaches at the assigned time on Tuesday, August 18th, in a classroom to conform to social distancing practices. Athletes must present completed ACCC Waiver, Personal Insurance Information, Pre-participation Physical Evaluation forms (COVID-19, History Form, Physical Exam Form, and Clearance Form). Athletes must take responsibility to see a physician prior to returning to campus.

Baseball: 11:00 AM Women’s Golf: 9:00 AM
Softball: 9:00 AM Softball: 9:00 AM

  • Book Pickup – each team/athlete will be advised for book pickup at a later date.
  • All athletes and coaches will meet in Health Science - 109 with ACCC Commissioner on Thursday, August 20th at 3:00 PM
  • August 31st – First day of practice for all teams


Team Practices/Meetings

Athletes and coaches will abide by the following guidelines

  • Complete Healthy Roster: Safer Play testing/screening daily by assigned time (TBA)  Daily Temperature Check
  • Wear facial covering at all times unless directly involved in athletic drill/activities.
  • Practice activities will be limited to small groups of 10 and include frequent hand sanitizing breaks. Practices should be devised to limit exposure time among team members.
  • All athletes and coaches will refrain from high fives, handshakes, and other physical contact. No pregame or postgame handshakes will be allowed.
  • Players and coaches will provide their own water bottle and towels.
  • Players, coaches, and managers will take reasonable steps when practicable to regulate, disinfect facilities and equipment.
  • Athletes and managers will not have access to team locker rooms.
  • No voluntary, open workouts, open gym or hitting facility without a coach present.
  • Strength and conditioning workouts will maintain social distancing and conform to the college’s Weight room/Wellness Center occupancy guide (Weight Rooms – 4; Wellness Center – 8). All equipment will be sanitized between each athlete.
  • No visitors will be allowed to watch practice.


Travel Guidelines:

  • All athletic staff and players are to be screened (temperature check) 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Athletic staff and players will wear facial coverings, practice social distancing while traveling. Roster limits (BB – 20; SB – 20; WG- 5: MG – 5) will be imposed for teams to abide by the college recommended occupancy guidelines for vans and buses. Currently,

the Maintenance Department has not approved the athletic recommendations or granted permission to use the bus and vans for fall scheduled events.

  • All team meals will be takeout only with bottled drinks, with no dining inside sit-down restaurants.
  • There will be no overnight trips for the fall semester.
  • Fall competition for all teams will be 50% or less than maximum that NJCAA allows with no out of state travel. (BB- 5, MG – 3, WG -3,SB-5)


General Guidelines:

  • All home/away competitions will follow NJCAA/ACCC Recommended Guidelines.
  • Covid-19 information will be posted at all athletic facilities.
  • Coaches will conform to all college guidelines for travel and recruit campus visits.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all athletic facilities.
  • Fall season begins on September 5th through October 31st.

The Intramural program will be conducted in compliance with all ACCS, CDC and College guidelines. All planned sports are outdoor activities. Participants will be required to supply their own equipment.

Student Advocate Office Procedures
  • Student(s) will inquire regarding Student Advocate services by visiting https://form.jotform.co/CarlaSwinney/student-advocate-intake-form.
  • Scheduled meetings with colleagues or off campus constituents will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom.
  • Meetings with students will be by appointment only and will be conducted via phone or in the Student Services Conference Room in the Chasteen Student Services Center, Room 204, or in the lobby of the Chasteen Student Services Center (social distancing with CDC guidelines in place).
  • Office staff (Student Advocate) will wear facial covering when interacting with guests to the Student Advocate Office.

Post meeting/personal interaction

The office will be sanitized and surfaces will be disinfected after each visit.

Chasteen Student Service Center Welcome Desk
  • The Welcome Desk Attendant will wear a facial covering and will be seated behind plexiglass.
  • Upon arrival, students will complete a student liability waiver and be directed, by the Welcome Desk Attendant, to the department in which they have an appointment.
  • Any student arriving too early for their appointment(s) will be asked to return to their vehicle until their scheduled appointment time.
  • Walk-in visitors will be instructed to schedule an appointment. An informational card, which lists all Student Services appointment websites, will be provided.

o Same day appointment exceptions may be made for students with scheduling hardships, provided a time slot is available.

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting will take place in all common areas and high-touch surfaces. Hand sanitizers and PPE will be readily available throughout Chasteen Student Services Center.

Title IX

  • Initial Title IX consultations will be scheduled in a campus conference room, which provides ample space for social distancing and simultaneous viewing of a projection screen. If a consultation is elevated to a formal complaint, subsequent investigations and mandated live hearings will also be conducted in a campus conference room. In the event of a campus closing, the Title IX coordinator will notify any parties, in the formal complaint process, in writing of the closing and a tentative plan for continuing the formal complaint process.
Student Code of Conduct/Disciplinary
  • Student code of conduct hearings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or in large conference room (social distancing with CDC guidelines in place)
Tutoring - STAR Institute

STAR will offer a combination of face to face and online tutoring for FALL 2020. Our hours of operation on campus will be reduced. New hours will be posted on our website and doors. Virtual hours will be utilized to accommodate students in the late afternoons and evenings.

Students must schedule face to face appointments prior to entering STAR. Upon entry, students will be required to sign the student liability waiver and wear facial coverings. Additionally, temperatures will be taken and follow up questions concerning COVID exposure and health concerns. Front counter staff will give a clearance sticker to each student who meets requirements and direct them to use hand sanitizer. Any student who does not meet these requirements, will be required to reschedule and return when they meet requirements.

Tutoring appointments will take place in the break out rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms to allow for social distancing. Plexiglas screens will also be in use. STAR will adhere to the guidelines for cleaning once each session is completed. Students wishing to utilize the computers in STAR will follow the same procedure. Space is limited to one student per computer pod. STAR will adhere to the guidelines for cleaning each computer station after student or tutor use.

Tutor’s schedules will be split between face to face and online appointments. Staff and students will wear facial coverings when interacting. Staff exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, should remain at home. Should you test positive for the virus, notify the administrative staff and remain home for 14 days. If a student notifies you that they have tested positive or have come into contact with someone with the COVID virus, notify administrative staff so the area can be thoroughly cleaned by our cleaning staff following ACCS and College protocol.

Online/Remote Tutoring will take place via Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Email, and Phone.

Students continue to schedule via TutorTrac and tutors contact students via email and/or phone prior to session. We are asking students to leave their phone numbers in the Notes section to help set up the way the session will take place. Tutor will document all sessions and mark as attended, missed or cancelled.

The Math Lab in Decatur will continue to stay closed until further notice. The Math Lab in Huntsville will be open with reduced hours. It will also fall under the guidelines for use of computers as stated above for STAR. The English labs will be closed for tutoring.

After Thanksgiving Break, virtual tutoring will used for all appointments.

Emails will be distributed to both Students and Faculty with instructions on how to schedule appointments. The information will also be on our website.