Atwood, Phyllis

Instructor, MSSC CPT(256) 890-4866

Boswell, Denise

Ready to Work Coordinator256-713-4866

Burleson, Dan

Ready to Work Instructor256-306-2830

Crawford, Jennifer

Bridge Coordinator for Decatur256-260-2473

Daniels, Mary

Adult Ed Transition Counselor (pt)256-713-4810

Elkins, Leonette

Adult Education Secretary256-306-2830
Fellows, Kimberly

Fellows, Kimberly

GED Chief Examiner256-713-4809 (HSV); 256-306-2610 (DEC)

Gifford, Michelle

GED Instructor Huntsville Campus256-713-4808

Hill, Rita

GED Instructor Decatur Campus256-306-2831

Hudson, Timothy

Institutional Instructor (LCF)256-233-4600 ext 452

Nabors, Chris

Adult Education Institutional Instructor(256) 890-4781

Otten, Rosie

Office Manager Decatur Campus256-306-2536

Peek, Janet

GED Instructor Decatur Career Center256-355-0142 ext 247
Pringle, Cynthia

Pringle, Cynthia

Russell, Mindi

Bridge Coordinator for Huntsville256-260-2475

Steele, Ola C.

GED Instructor Huntsville Career Center256-859-9360

Vaughn, Melissa

Adult Ed Teacher256-306-2959

Vaughn, Adam

MSSC CPT Instructor256-306-2959

Wadsworth, Deborah

Administrative Secretary(256) 890-4793
Wolfe, Dana

Wolfe, Dana

Director of Adult Education, GED, ESL256-306-2831