Dental Hygiene FAQ

Do I need to apply separately to dental hygiene?

Yes, in addition to applying to Calhoun Community College for general admission, you must complete and submit a separate application to the Dental Hygiene Program. You can find the dental hygiene application and instructions on our website.

Do I have to attend a dental hygiene informational session?

No, it is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Not only will you receive valuable information pertaining to the field of dental hygiene, the admission process, and what to expect as a student, but you will also receive five points toward your application. This could be the difference between being accepted and being an alternate!

Do you have a waiting list to get into dental hygiene?

Our program does not use a waiting list. All interested students must go through the application process each year.

What does it mean if I am chosen as an alternate?

Each year the committee selects the top 14 students to be offered admission to the program and selects a number of applicants to be alternates. In the event that a student declines admission, an alternate would be offered this position.

How can I make my application competitive?

Applicants are ranked according to the point scale that can be found on our website and in the application packet. The fourteen applicants with the highest total number of points are offered admission. Generally, applicants who have completed the majority of their general education courses with good grades have the most points. Graduates of an accredited Dental Assisting Program will receive additional points. Applicants who are not admitted into the Dental Hygiene Program are encouraged to complete the Dental Assisting Program and reapply the following year.

Do I need to submit all of my forms together in one package?

Yes, all forms must be submitted as one application packet. All forms must be present and complete for the application to be considered.

What is a typical schedule like once in Dental Hygiene?

The schedule varies from semester to semester. Students should be prepared to be on campus from 8:00 am—4:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

Do I have to complete all of the required general education courses before applying to the dental hygiene program?

No, it is not required to complete all of the general education courses before applying to the program; however, completing these courses increases the number of application points that you will be awarded improving your chances of being admitted to the program.

Do I have to take the ACT if I have a degree from another college?

Either the ACT or the reading and writing portion of the Next-Gen Accuplacer exam must be taken within the past three years as part of the application process. The Next-Gen Accuplacer exam is offered Monday-Thursday from 9:00-2:30 in the Testing Center and is free of charge for the first attempt. No appointment is needed. For more information on the Next-Gen Accuplacer exam, you can call the Testing Center at 256-306-2522.

When will I know if I have been accepted to the program?

It is the goal of the Dental Hygiene Program for all applicants to be informed of admission status within 4 weeks of the application deadline. The timeframe for notification will depend on the number of applications received and the availability of the admissions committee to review and verify application documentation.

Are any of the dental hygiene classes offered online?

Currently, all courses are taught on campus in the classroom and dental hygiene clinic.

What type of credential will I receive after graduation?

Graduates of the program will receive an Associate in Applied Science Degree. After successfully completing the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam and a clinical skills exam, the graduate will have the ability to apply for licensure in the state of his/her choice. Dental hygienists are signified by the initials RDH, which stand for Registered Dental Hygienist.