Standardized Patient Program

The Standardized Patient Program at Calhoun Community College is dedicated to teaching communication techniques, empathy, and bedside manner to our students. We believe these important humanistic qualities are as important for future healthcare providers as the ability to take a blood pressure or give medications. We believe every patient should be treated like a person first and foremost; with respect and kindness at all times. We want students who graduate from our programs to not only be able to pass their exams and achieve licensure, but to become more empathetic and compassionate individuals.

What is a Standardized Patient?

A standardized patient is a person who is trained to act as if they are suffering from a disease, injury, or medical event in a standardized way. Our students interact with these patients and are evaluated solely on affective qualities (i.e. communication, bedside manner, etc.). Through the use of video recording software, we are able to show our students exactly how they behave and respond to a live patient. Following encounters with SPs, our students get the opportunity to hear from the patient exactly how the student(s) made them feel during the interaction. This is extremely valuable feedback and can shape all future interactions a student has with their patients.

Our students interact with standardized patients, or SPs, in various roles throughout their respective health programs. Through the use of SPs, our students learn various history gathering and assessment techniques. This gives our students a truly hands on experience in a low-risk, high benefit environment. Our faculty are able to evaluate students interacting with live patients and correct any mistakes before the student is allowed into the clinical environment. Our students also use SPs to learn to respond in high-risk and highly emotional scenarios through interacting with standardized patients in various roles. They may also practice communication techniques, such as dealing with loss or delivering bad news. There is truly no limit to the benefits of the standardized patient program.

Be a Standardized Patient

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