Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Department Rhoda Hutchinson Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor of Dr Hutchinson, former chairperson of Health and Physical Education Division. The scholarship given in her honor will be awarded to a student who exemplifies excellence in nursing. The students will be recognized during the Honors Day Ceremony held every Spring semester.

The student is selected by the entire nursing faculty based on data collected from classmates, the student, student records, and the faculty. The following criteria is used:

  • Applies for scholarship assistance through college
  • Grade Point Average – 3.20 or above
  • Receives a grade of 75 or above on each comprehensive final exam
  • Active in student services
  • Excellence in nursing care
  • Good interpersonal relationships – relates well with peers as well as superiors and subordinates
  • Assumes responsibility
  • Appearance is neat and well-groomed
  • Shows potential for making a worthwhile contribution to nursing