Fine Arts

Fine Arts introduces you to a world of beauty, grace, and fun. Act in a play, sing with Chorale, or paint your masterpiece!

Contact Information:

Department Chair:
Mr. William Godsey
Dr. Donna Estill


Associate of Applied Science

Short-Term Certificates

Associate of Science

Degree Concentrations – 4-year transfer programs

Some of the Courses Available
ART 100 Art Appreciation
ART 113 Drawing I
ART 114 Drawing II
ART 121 Two-Dimensional Composition I
ART 127 Three-Dimensional Composition
ART 133/134 Ceramics
ART 203 Art History I
ART 204 Art History II
ART 221 Computer Graphics I
ART 231 Watercolor Painting I
ART 232 Watercolor Painting II
ART 233 Painting I
ART 234 Painting II
ART 253 Graphic Design I
ART 254 Graphic Design II
ART 283 Graphic Animation I
ART 284 Graphic Animation II
ART 291 Supervised Study Studio Art I
ART 292 Supervised Study Studio Art II
ART 299 Art Portfolio
CAT 283 3D Graphics and Animation
MIC 100 Intro to Mass Communications
MIC 153 Intro to Recording Technology
MIC 201 Publishing for Record Industry
MIC 250 Mass Communications Practicum
MIC 251 Recording Studio Production
MIC 253 Computer Lit for Musician I
MIC 254 Computer Lit for Musician II
MIC 255 Digital Recording
MIC 293 Music Notation
MUL 101 Class Piano I
MUL 180/181/280/281 Chorale
MUL 180 Chorale
MUL 192 Piano Ensemble
MUL 196/197/296/297 Jazz Band
MUL 192A/193A Instrumental Ensemble
MUP Private Piano, Guitar, Percussion, etc.
MUS 101 Music Appreciation
MUS 103 Survey of Popular Music
MUS 110 Basic Musicianship
MUS 111 Music Theory I
MUS 113 Music Theory Lab I
MUS 291 Musical Acoustics
MUS 292 Song Writing
THR 113/114/115 Theater Workshop
THR 120 Theatre Appreciation
THR 131/132 Acting Techniques
VCM 145 Intro to Digital Photography
VCM 150 Typography
VCM 180 Intro to Graphic Design
VCM 232 Advanced Computer Graphics
VCM 250 Intro to Tech Illustration
VCM 251 Technical Illustration
VCM 281 Digital Design
VCM 282 Advanced Digital Design
VCM 285 Multimedia Production
VCM 286 Advanced Multimedia Production