Developmental English

Developmental English is designed to build your written communications skills so that when you have to write a resume, email, paper, or proposal, you can feel confident that it is effective.

Contact for more information: Dr. Thalia Love,, 256-306-2849.

Classes Available:

ENR 094 (ENR 098 beginning Fall 2019) (4 credit hours):  Writing & Reading for College

This course integrates reading and writing skills students need to comprehend and interact with college-level texts and to produce original college-level writing.  Reading skills will center on process for literal and critical comprehension as well as the development of vocabulary skills. Writing skills will focus on using an effective writing process including generating ideas, drafting, organizing, revising and editing to produce competent essays using standard written English. This course may include a one-hour lab component.

ENG 080 (ENG 099 beginning Fall 2019) (1-2 credit hours): Introduction to College Writing:

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in ENR 094 (ENR 098) or appropriate English and reading placement score.

Corequisite: ENG 101

This course places emphasis on providing students with additional academic and non-cognitive support with the goal of success in the students’ paired ENG 101 class.  The material covered or practiced in ENG 099 is complementary to and supportive of material taught in ENG 101 and the needs of the ENG 099 students.


Placement Table

ACT Scores
18 or above on English section ENG 101
17 on English section ENG 101 + ENG 080 (099)
Below 17 on English section See HS GPA or Accuplacer (if more than 5 years past high school)
High School Grades
2.75 or above GPA + “A” or “B” in English IV ENG 101
2.75 or above GPA + “C” in English IV ENG 101 + ENG 080 (099)
Below 2.75 GPA, below “C” in English IV Accuplacer score
Accuplacer/WritePlacer scores
5 or above ENG 101
4 ENG 101 + ENG 080 (ENG 099)
0-3 ENR 094 (ENR 098)