Social Sciences

Social Sciences explore the ways that humans interact with each other, through time and across cultures.

Contact Information

Mr. Jim Stewart
Dr. Glenda Mitchell
Ms. Laquinn Richey
Dr. Donna Estill


Associate of Applied Science

Short-Term Certificates

Associate of Science

Plans of Study for 4-Year Transfer Programs

Some of the Courses Available
CHD 100 Intro-Early Care Educ of Chldn
CHD 202 Childrens Creative Experiences
CHD 203 Child Lit & Lang Development
CHD 204 Meth & Mats for Tchg Chldrn
CHD 205 Prog Plan for Educatg Yng Chld
CHD 206 Children’s Health and Safety
CHD 208 Admin of Child Development Prog
CHD 209 Infant/Toddler Education Prog
CHD 210 Edu Children w Excep. Needs
CHD 214 Families and Communities
CHD 215 Supervised Practical Exper
CHD 220 Parenting Skills
CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 110 Intro to Law/Enforcement
CRJ 140 Criminal Law & Procedure
CRJ 146 Criminal Evidence
CRJ 150 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ 166 Private & Retail Security
CRJ 167 Industrial Security
CRJ 169 Security Management
CRJ 170 Intro to Physical Security
CRJ 171 Security Risk Management
CRJ 208 Introduction to Criminology
CRJ 209 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ 220 Criminal Investigation
CRJ 230 Criminalistics
CRJ 280 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJ 290 Sel Top/Seminar in Crim Just
GEO 100 World Regional Geography
HIS 121/122 World History I & II
HIS 201/202 United States History I & II
PHL 106 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 206 Ethics and Society
POL 211 American National Government
PSY 200 General Psychology
PSY 210 Human Growth & Development
PSY 211 Child Growth and Development
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 276 Human Relations
REL 100 Hist of World Religions
REL 151 Survey of the Old Testament
REL 152 Survey of the New Testament
SOC 208 Introduction to Criminology
SOC 209 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 247 Marriage and the Family