Bring Your Own device

CCCGUEST is a secured network connection that is available to employees utilizing Calhoun provided mobile devices.  This network allows you to utilize services such as AirServer for device mirroring to teacher stations as well as Doceri and other in-class services and integrations. This network is also available for instructors to use one personal iOS device in the classroom.

If you are provided with a Calhoun iPad, it will be preconfigured with the ability to connect to the CCCGUEST network and should connect whenever the network is available.

As an instructor with no provided device from the college, you may use 1 personal iOS device in the classroom.  Once authenticated, the device will connect to the CCCGUEST whenever the network is available. At that time you will have access to use AirServer, Doceri, and other in-class services and integrations.

How to log on to Calhoun’s Guest Wi-Fi Network with AirWatch and use Airplay or Doceri for the classroom from your own iOS device:

  1. Download Airwatch Agent from the App Store.
  2. Open Airwatch Agent. (Once downloaded the app is just called Agent)
  3. Select Server Details.
  4. Enter the following information:
    1. Server:
    2. Group ID: CCC_BYOD_Guest
  5. Log in with your C number as your username and your password will be the same as your password for Calhoun’s Portal. Select Next.
  6. Select Redirect & Enable. You will be redirected to the iPad Settings.
  7. Select Install.
  8. A pop-up will appear prompting you to “Install Profile.” Select Install Now.
  9. A warning will appear informing you that by installing Airwatch the local Airwatch administrator will be able to remotely manage your iPad. If you agree, select Install.
  10. The profile has been installed. Select Done.
  11. You will be taken back to the Airwatch Agent. A pop-up will appear prompting you to give permission for your iPad to now download FirstClass from the App Store. Select Install.
  12. Go to the Settings App on your iPad.
  13. Select Wi-Fi form the left column.
  14. Wait until you see cccguest appear under “Choose a Network.” Then, select cccguest.
  15. Once on the network, you will be able to mirror your iPad using AirWatch and the AirServer Connect app.

Troubleshooting Options (2nd time users):

Check to see if you are connected to CCCGUEST. You will not be able to use Airwatch on any other network.

How to Mirror the iPad with AirPlay/AirServer Connect:

  1. Download AirServer Connect from the App Store.
  2. Open AirServer Connect. (Once downloaded the app is just called Connect.)
  3. Now on the PC that you want to mirror the IPad to, in the bottom right corner of the Task Bar, click the UP arrow.
  4. Right-click the AirServer Icon and then select “QR Code for AirServer Connect…”
  5. On the IPad select “Scan QR Code”
  6. Select “OK” when prompted to allow AirServer access to Camera
  7. Hold iPad up to the monitor so that the Camera can take a picture of the QR Code (It will take the picture itself!)
  8. Then at the bottom of your IPad screen pull the tab up.
  9. Select “AirPlay”, then select the name of the computer that you are wanting to mirror to.
  10. Enter the 4 digit code into the IPad that appears on the computer monitor. (Every time you connect to a computer there will be a different code to enter.)
  11. Make sure “Mirroring” is turned ON.
  12. Your IPad should now be mirroring to your PC.

  1. Download Doceri Interactive Whiteboard from the App Store.
  2. Open Doceri Interactive Whiteboard. (Once downloaded the app is just called Doceri)
  3. Select OK to allow Doceri access to your microphone.
  4. The Doceri home screen will appear. Select through a computer.
  5. A pop-up will appear asking you if Doceri has been installed on your computer. It has. Close this window. A small box will appear displaying your camera’s view.
  6. Open Doceri on your desktop. (This is the only step that is not taking place on your iPad.)
  7. Hold your iPad up where it can see the QR code displayed on the desktop.
  8. A Window will appear prompting you to login. The Username will automatically populate for each classroom. The password is cccfac.
  9. Your iPad should now be mirroring your desktop. You can use Doceri as a virtual whiteboard.


AirServer and Doceri may not be installed in every classroom.  If you wish to use these applications and they are not installed, please submit a request to the IT Helpdesk at 256-306-2700 or